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    Classic Wooden Fire Truck Play Set Classic Wooden Fire Truck Play Set Classic Wooden Fire Truck Play Set

    Classic Wooden Fire Truck Play Set

    Item # : 9391

    Price: $19.99

    Only $1.99


    Young heroes will love helping the firefighters lift the ladder, unroll the hose, and save the day!

    This play set includes a wooden fire truck with roll-up hose and lifting bucket ladder, plus three

    solid-wood play figures who can ride in the front, stand in the bucket, and even hold the hose.

    Durable wooden construction and classic styling mean this sturdy play set will be rescuing

    playtimes for years to come!

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Ask the child to find the shapes on the fire truck. How many circles are there? How many rectangles?
    • Line up the firefighters and ask the child something unique about each one.
    • Ask the child to choose a play figure and to study it closely. Remove the piece from view and ask the child questions about it. For instance, "How many buttons are on the jacket?" Vary the challenge by offering multiple-choice answers or by allowing the child to look at the piece between questions.
    • Ask the child to raise the fire truck's bucket and to place once person in it. Discuss what happens to the bucket as the balance shifts. Challenge the child to add and arrange pieces to make the bucket balance.
    • Put the people end to end to measure length. How many units long is the fire truck?
    • Ask the child to imagine a rescue scene, and to tell you a story as the fire truck races to the scene, the ladder raises, the hose unwinds, and the firefighters save the day.

    Dimensions: 6" x 10" x 4.25" Packaged

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