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    Maritime Mates Sink & Seek Rings Pool Toys

    Item # : 6655

    Price: $7.99


    Four colorful characters make these pool rings worth the search! Drop them in the pool and gather them up, or check out our exciting game ideas for a fresh take on a classic swimming activity!

    "Maritime Mates" water toys and pool games feature cheerful characters to encourage beginning swimmers and lots of exciting games to keep big kids splashing, swimming and having a blast. Summer is even more fun with Sunny Patch pool toys!

    Largest ring: 6" x 5.5" x .5"

    Top Pick For Special Needs

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Make any of these activities into a contest by timing each player as he/she completes the task. Whoever finishes the challenge fastest is the winner!
    • See how many rings you can collect in one try. Can you retrieve all four?
    • Put one ring on each ankle and each wrist, and tread water. How long can you keep all four rings on your body?
    • Try to pick up all four rings from the bottom of the pool in numerical order and place them on your arm in that order.
    • Drop one ring to the bottom of the pool, then try to drop the other rings so they hit the ring that is on the bottom.
    • With your eyes closed, see if you can identify each dive ring solely by touch.
    • King vs. King: See who can swim the farthest with a ring on top of his/her head!
    • Stack as many rings as possible on top of your head and walk through the water as far as you can.

    Adult supervision required.

    Dimensions: 16" x 8" x 1" Packaged

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