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    Petal Fairy Magnetic Dress-Up Set Petal Fairy Magnetic Dress-Up Set

    Petal Fairy Magnetic Dress-Up Set

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    Petal Fairy is magically beautiful and this magnetic play set lets kids create pretend-play magic all their own! Rearrange the 54 magnetic clothing and accessory pieces to change Petal's look, from her flowery headband to her dress, wings, and boots. She even has a collection of wands, fans, and handbags to choose from! Simply place the magnetic garments over the wooden doll's surface, and they stick in place until it's time for a change. This magnetic wooden play set is an enchanting way to encourage hand-eye coordination, counting and sorting skills, creativity, and imaginative play. Includes doll, stand, and 54 wooden pieces.

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Lay out all the pieces and assemble the outfits so they match as closely as possible. Choose your favorite ensemble for Petal Fairy to wear! Then change pieces of the outfit to mix and match different looks.
    • Sort and group the pieces according to different qualities: all the green pieces in one pile and all the pink pieces in another, for example, or all the items with flowers together in one group.
    • Place all the wing pieces face-down on the play surface and mix them up. Take turns turning over two pieces at a time to look for matching pairs. Each player collects as many pairs of wings as possible.Whoever finds the most wins!
    • Trace one of the magnetic pieces on paper and fill the outline with your own designs. Cut out the shape and carefully tape it to the original magnetic piece to use! (Wrap the tape around so it sticks to the black magnetic surface.)
    • Tell a story about Petal Fairy, using the outfits and accessories to add to the action. For instance, you could imagine a variety of fairy jobs, and choose different accessories to help Petal Fairy tend animals, make flowers bloom, or sprinkle sweet dreams over your pillow. Use your imagination and have fun!

    Contains small parts.

    Dimensions: 8.5" x 11.75" x 1.25" Packaged

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