Terrific 25 Holiday Gifts for 2013

    Terrific 25 Holiday Gifts for 2013 All K's Kids Baby and Toddler Toys Craft & Create Activity Books Let's Play House! Stainless Steel Pots & Pans Play Set Let's Play House! Grocery Cans Lets Play House! Dust! Sweep! Mop! Big Picture Floor Pad A to Z Magical Masterpieces Wooden Stack & Count Parking Garage Take-Along Show-Horse Stable Play Set Puffy Sticker Play Sets Suspend Family Game Catch & Count Magnetic Fishing Rod Set Nesting & Sorting Barns & Animals Learn-to-Play Xylophone Sort, Match, Attach Nuts & Bolts Boards Shape Sorting Clock Whittle World Wooden Farm & Tractor Set - 9 Pieces Turn & Tell Wooden Clock My Friend Molly - Magnetic Dress Up Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse and Furniture Set Glitz and Glam Role Play Collection Rock Star Role Play Costume Set Smarty Pants Fun & Educational Card Sets ON the GO Activity Books Let's Play House! Vacuum  Up Play Set

    TERRIFIC 25 HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR 2013 by Melissa & Doug

    1. K's Kids

      What's the very best way to promote physical, cognitive, and social skills in babies and toddlers? Through play, of course! To engage little ones in skill-building, productive play, Melissa & Doug K's Kids toys are brightly colored, cleverly designed, and packed with interactive activities. Each one is created to engage children with a variety of multisensory features and through multiple stages of development. Bonus: For new parents, the parent-and-child play guides are like a cheat sheet to quality time with baby!

      Pull-Back Vehicles-Item #9168 Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 • Ages 9 months+

      Musical Pull Beehive-Item #9159 Suggested Retail Price: $16.99 • All Ages

      Pop Blocs Crocodile-Item #9180 Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 • Ages 6 months+

      All K's Kids Baby & Toddler Toys

    2. Craft & Create Activity Books

      These are the perfect gifts for creative kids! Complete supplies for kid-friendly crafts come with every value-packed set. Easy to organize, easy to store, and easy to use, each set includes detailed instructions and an idea book, plus top-quality craft materials for use in the projects. Highly visual instructions include variations and extra tips that will inspire kids of all ages—from preschoolers to tweens—to get creative and put their own spin on these cool crafts!

      Face Painting-Item #5054 Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 • Ages 5+

      Duct Tape Crafts-Item #5064 Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 • Ages 8+

      Mixed Metal Jewelry-Item #5053 Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 • Ages 8+

    3. Let’s Play House! Vacuum Up Play Set
      Item #5150 Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 • Ages 3+

      Who left these shapes all over the floor? Time to vacuum them up! Six painted wooden pieces (pretzel, peanut, bandage, coin, cereal Os, and a lost diamond ring) are a much cuter version of the everyday messes that parents know all too well. Pass this clever “vacuum” overtop, and they are swept into a compartment inside. Ready to play again? Simply open up the back panel, pull out the pieces, and make another fun-filled “mess”!

    4. Let’s Play House! Stainless Steel Pots & Pans
      Item #4265 Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 • Ages 3+

      This play set features shiny stainless steel cookware Mom and Dad would envy! Generously sized for a realistic look and feel, the colander and three pans (with interchangeable lid) fit most play food items and store neatly on a convenient storage rack when the kitchen is closed. All of the handles and knobs feature sturdy riveted joints that won’t weaken and wear like welding or glue. With two hardwood utensils included and stainless steel pieces polished to a mirror-finish, this set is truly top shelf!

    5. Let’s Play House! Grocery Cans
      Item #4088 Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 • Ages 3+

      Stock a pretend pantry with this collection of lidded cardboard play food cans and you'll have all the ingredients for colorful, imaginative grocery store play. Open and close, fill and stack, sort and match the canned food toys—this set has a pretend play flavor for every taste!

    6. Let’s Play House! Dust! Sweep! Mop!
      Item #8600 Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 • Ages 3+

      This six-piece play set gives kids all the housekeeping tools they need to keep it clean! Sized just for kids and built to last, the broom, mop, duster, dust pan, and hand brush are comfortable to use and easy to store—just hang their sturdy cords on the included stand for neat, compact storage. (The dust pan can also snap onto any of the handles.) Natural-wood handles add durability and a classic look; bright pops of color keeps lots of fun in the mix!

    7. Big Picture Floor Pad A–Z
      Item #9109 Suggested Retail Price: $5.99 • Ages 4+

      This huge coloring pad is ideal for our Standing Art Easel or tabletop coloring. Or tear out a sheet and spread it out on the floor to share! Each easy-to-remove page features a letter of the alphabet, along with whimsical color-in animals to illustrate its sound. It’s so much fun to spot the animals, trace the letters, color in the pictures, and build early-literacy skills in a creative new way!

    8. Magical Masterpieces Rain Forest
      Item #8558 Suggested Retail Price: $6.99 • Ages 6+

      Liquid watercolors made easy! These incredible painting sets translate a simple process into gorgeous results, as watercolors glide beautifully onto color-resist scenes. Wax-like outlines keep the paint in place—an encouraging start for young painters! And the resulting scenes, on sturdy board, are so easy to display that kids are sure to have a gallery of masterpieces in no time.

    9. Stack & Count Parking Garage
      Item #5182 Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 • Ages 3+

      Stack 10 wooden cars in this gated parking tower and top them with the sliding counter. Then see the cars drop down and the counter point to a lower number each time a car is removed from the bottom! With its imaginative design details and wonderfully simple mechanics, this clever toy is a captivating, educational way to play with sorting, matching, counting, and more!

    10. On the Go” Activity Books
      Suggested Retail Price: $4.99 • Ages 3+

      These boredom-busting art activity books and travel toys pack fun from cover to cover! Compact and all-inclusive, they’re the perfect take-along travel activities—just toss one in a backpack or carry-on and you’re on your way to fun! Perfect for home, too—collect a library of these ready-to-go activities and you’ll always be prepared for a rainy day.

    11. Take-Along Show Horse Stable
      Item #3744 Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 • Ages 3+

      A play set to please equestrians of every age! This handsome wooden stable houses eight flocked horses, each in its own stall. Swing open the stable doors to take them out for playtime, then put each one back in its stall until the next big horse show! The sturdy wooden stable box features a comfortable handle on the top, a child-safe metal latch on the wide wooden doors, and an illustrated breed guide on the bottom panel with information about each horse. Also includes write-on labels so kids can name each horse and label the stalls!

    12. Puffy Sticker Play Sets
      Suggested Retail Price: $4.99 • Ages 4+

      Tell a puffy-sticker story on reusable background scenes! Each set comes with a folding background card and 50+ reusable puffy stickers to outfit princesses, decorate rooms, load treasure onto pirate ships, and even furnish a chipmunk tree house. Reusable backgrounds fill both sides of the sturdy, stand-up cards, so kids can build a multi-page story to “read” or just have fun rearranging the pieces for endless sticker fun. The puffy stickers mix, match, and layer in any combination! Bonus: The sturdy background board folds to neatly store it all away, and a diecut handle makes these fold-and-go play sets great for travel.

    13. Suspend Balancing Game
      Item #4371 Suggested Retail Price: $16.99 • Ages 8+

      A game of tricky hangs and steady hands! The object? Place all your bars before you opponents do, and before the structure falls. Sound easy? Don’t be the one to knock it down! For tweens, teens, families and adults all on their own. Suspend comes with 24 notched, rubber-tipped wire pieces to hang from a tabletop stand. Try adding another piece! Each time a bar is added the balance shifts, the difficulty changes and the incredible midair sculpture transforms.

      A game for 1–4 players.

    14. Catch & Count Magnetic Fishing Rod Game
      Item #5149 Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 • Ages 3+

      Catch some laughs and learning with this wooden magnetic play set—complete with working wind-up reels! The 10 magnetic fish are numbered and patterned to enrich matching, sorting, and counting activities, and two wooden rods make collecting them a blast. Kids can use the spinner to play as a game, or just have fun collecting the pieces over and over again. Either way, there’s plenty of fun in this sea!

    15. Nesting & Sorting Barns & Animals
      Item #2434 Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 • Ages 2+

      Take six nesting and sorting blocks, add six numbered animals to go inside, and what do you have? A farm full of stacking, counting, hide-and-seek, mix-and-match play! This charming play set lets kids build a farm scene filled with bright red barns, with an animal for every one. Each door is sized to fit its animal occupant; on the back, a full-color scene shows the animal outdoors. Numbers on the barns and animals help kids put together the correct pairs, reinforcing early-learning concepts as they play.

    16. Learn-to-Play Xylophone
      Item #4149 Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 • Ages 3+

      More than an instrument, this first xylophone set is a child’s best introduction to music! Mallets in hand, children can explore the octave as they become familiar with simple musical concepts through hands-on play. Those ready for the next step need only open the integrated storage drawer to reveal six double-sided song cards, featuring color-coded notations on a real musical staff. Place one in the music holder above the keys, and kids and parents alike will be amazed at how simple it is to play 12 favorite children’s songs.

    17. Sort! Match! Attach! Nuts & Bolts Boards
      Item #2433 Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 • Ages 3+

      Twisting together these oversize nuts-and-bolts pairs is so gratifying, parents will find themselves pairing them up along with their preschoolers! Cast in three different shapes and colors, the plastic pieces add the finishing touch to 12 picture puzzles on six double-sided wooden boards. The challenge: Piece together the nuts-and-bolts duos to complete both picture sides at once. It’s a great hands-on cognitive skills challenge, and a motor-skills booster, too.

    18. Shape Sorting Clock
      Item #8593 Suggested Retail Price: $12.99 • Ages 3+

      This preschool-friendly clock features color-coded minute and hour hands that spin around with a simple push . . . but no matter where they point, it's always time for learning and fun! Kids can match the colors, sort the shapes, and solve the puzzle as they manipulate the color blocks and turn the hands, building cognitive and motor skills all the while. Extension activities printed right on the box encourage parent-and-child play, helping children begin to master early-learning concepts as they gain familiarity with the form of a clock and concepts of time.

    19. Whittle World Farm & Tractor Play Set
      Item #3746 Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 • Ages 3+

      Set up the hayloft chute and load the trailer—it’s time to harvest some fun! This action-packed play set has animals to tend, hay to pile, and a tractor to keep it all moving. The interchangeable pieces, designed to fit all other Whittle World sets, are perfectly sized for little hands to maneuver. With smooth-rolling wheels to make pulling, pushing, and towing easy, kids will feel encouraged to explore countless play possibilities—such as linking the vehicle pieces and repurposing the trailer railing as a farm fence!

    20. Turn & Tell Clock
      Item #4284 Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 • Ages 3+

      Perfect for kids who are ready to learn to tell time, this play clock features hands that rotate with a gentle click, marking off the minutes as they go. The detailed clock face has large red numbers to match the hour hand, small blue numbers to match the minute hand, and a segmented color disk to help kids visualize “quarter past” and “half past.” Also included are 13 double-sided time cards for practice: Place one in the holder at the top of the clock, then match the time shown by moving the clock hands. Slide open the “digital clock” window to check the answer!

    21. Magnetic Dress-Up Sets
      Suggested Retail Price: $12.99 • Ages 3+

      Place the play figures on the wooden stands to start an exciting dress-up adventure! Kids love to get creative combining the perfect ensemble for each of these lovely models . . . then start from scratch to create a whole new look with no fuss or muss. The magnetic garments and accessories, organized in a painted wooden storage tray, are easy to apply to the magnetic wooden figures in countless combinations. Which ones will your little stylist discover?

      Princess Alyssa-Item #5161

      My Friend Molly-Item #5160

    22. Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set
      Item #2462 Suggested Retail Price: $149.99 • Ages 3+

      Suitable for all 1:12-scale dolls, our newest play house invites pretend-play families to pull into the garage, ride in the elevator, and feel right at home in this modern home. Fresh, gender-neutral colors and patterns add a lively edge to the natural-wood frame, and open sides make it easy to access every room—so it’s simple to share the fun with brothers, sisters, and friends! Comes with three play people and 15 pieces of furniture.

    23. Glitz & Glam Role Play Collection
      Item #8549 Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 • Ages 3-6

      More than a costume—this mix-and-match set of accessories is like an entire make-believe wardrobe! Seven coordinated pieces let kids rock out, rule the playroom, or turn on the glamour as they show off their own unique style with custom outfits. The set includes a pretend microphone, reversible vest, two fingerless gloves, sunglasses, reversible wrap, and hat.

    24. Rock Star Role Play Set
      Item #8506 Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 • Ages 3-6

      This rock-star pretend-play set is as cool as it gets! With a microphone prop to hold and a glittering tulle skirt, this hot-pink costume is totally rock & roll. The shiny pink leggings, mesh-accented fingerless glove, zebra-print top, and sewn-on belt are crafted with quality and detail to stand up to many performances to come. Machine washable.

    25. Smarty Pants Brain-Building Cards
      Items #5070–#5076 Suggested Retail Price: $12.99 • Ages Preschool – Fifth Grade

      Smarty Pants cards let kids test their smarts and load up on new facts and funny trivia. The cards are colorful, creative and packed with illustrated activities! Each educational card set is thoughtfully developed to suit the learning style and curriculum standards of each age range . . . then spiced up with fresh, lively design and an infusion of humor (including a whimsical pants-shaped case!) to keep kids giggling, engaged and excited about learning.


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