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    Role Play Collection - Action Adventure Role Play Collection - Action Adventure Role Play Collection - Action Adventure Role Play Collection - Action Adventure
    Role Play Collection - Action Adventure

    Role Play Collection - Action Adventure

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    Uncover a whole world of make-believe in one exciting variety pack! This adventure-themed dress-up set includes six role-play accessories (reversible cape, reversible mask, soft sword, bandanna, eye patch, and helmet) to add to a costume, mix and match together, or use on their own to inspire imaginative role play. The coordinating colors make any combination look like a tailor-made costume! Each piece is durably constructed of top-quality materials and made to last for years . . . and through anything your swashbuckling pirate, Wild-West bandit, mysterious swordfighter, or noble superhero can imagine!

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Choose one of the role-play pieces to inspire a character. Act out the part, showing how your character would use or wear the prop. Then make a switch or add another accessory to create a whole new character!
    • Choose one of the pieces and see how many different ways you can use it. How many unique characters can you create using just one prop?
    • Act out different descriptive words, such as bold, silly, swashbuckling, magical, dangerous, and so on. (Have a grown-up write them down on scraps of paper to choose at random, or just call them out to each other.)
    • Use craft supplies to make additional props, such as a magic wand, superhero badge, or a poster advertising your premiere performance!
    • Get creative and let your imagination take over! You can use one or two pieces at a time or pile them all on together. There is no wrong way to play.
    • To get imaginations started, pretend there is a hidden treasure--and you need to find it before the bad guys do. Then choose the costume pieces you'll need to find the treasure and outsmart the bad guys!

    Dimensions: 15" x 12" x 5" Packaged

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