Sunny Patch Fun Set

Sunny Patch Fun Set

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Turn your backyard into a play park with super pack of five entertaining Sunny Patch Outdoor toys!

Tootle Turtle Egg Race (Age 3+) Four baby turtles need to get safely to their nest in this thrilling balance race! Players use turtle-shaped spoons to carry colorful eggs across the finish line. If the egg cracks open the baby turtle pops out and it's back to the starting line.

Seafood Sandwich Stacking Game (Age 5+) In this exciting pool game, players pick a recipe card, spin the spinner, and pile up a sandwich to order using funny foam fish and sea mammals!

Seashell Splendor Search Pool Toy (Age 6+) Its pink-and-purple top opens to reveal two pretend eye-shadow compacts, a comb, a perfume bottle, and a shatterproof mirror. Four sinkers included.

Mombo Snake Bubble Buddy (Age 3+) Pour bubble solution into the leaf-shaped bubble tray and Mombo Snake will surprise everyone with hundreds of bubbles! Simply dip the yellow bubble wand into the solution and give a squeeze. 8-oz. jar of bubble solution included.

Mollie Bubble Buddy (Age 3+) Simply pour some bubble solution into the heart-shaped bubble tray, dip the red bubble wand, and squeeze to make lots of lovely bubbles. 8-oz. jar of bubble solution included in this lady-bug themed bubble set.

Adult supervision required.

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