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    Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board
    Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board

    Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board

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    A unique spin on magnetic toys, Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board lets kids build their own toy! Simply choose a picture template from 10 unique designs and place it in the wooden frame. Then add the gears in the color-coded spaces to turn each picture into an amazing kid-powered machine! Or, remove the templates to reveal the white magnetic surface -- perfect for an open-ended exploration of simple mechanics, or a range of counting, adding, and problem-solving activities (instructions included). This sturdy, durable gears toy includes a magnetic board with wooden frame, eight magnetic pegs, eight colorful gears, and five double-sided, color-coded design templates.

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Have kids place all the pegs on the gear board, counting 1-8 as they place them in any order.
    • Have kids point to a peg on the gear board and name the color, then find and place the matching gear. (Repeat for each color.)
    • Have kids name each of the colors from left to right (or clockwise). Remove one of the colors and ask which gear is missing.
    • Have kids turn the gears and determine if any of them cause other gears to move. Help kids move two or three gears closer together so they engage with one another.
    • Challenge kids to move all of the gears into a line, arc or circle so all of them move when just one is turned. Ask kids to
      remove one gear and see what happens.
    • Help kids make their first initial or favorite number using the gears.
    • Make a picture card: Place a plain piece of paper over the magnetic surface, then ask kids to arrange the pegs and gears on top of it. Remove the gears and trace the pegs to make a template. Remove the paper and let the child decorate it using crayons or colored pencils, adding color coding for the peg outlines.
    • Encourage kids to continue designing "machines" in any shape they chose, mixing and matching the pegs and gears for interesting color combinations, too!

    Dimensions: 15" x 11" x 2"

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