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    Taffy Sea Turtles Catch & Hatch Pool Toy Taffy Sea Turtles Catch & Hatch Pool Toy

    Taffy Sea Turtles Catch & Hatch Pool Toy

    Item # : 6667

    Price: $14.99


    Each plastic egg in this sweet pool-play set fits one baby turtle inside. Toss them in the pool, then gather them up to "hatch" an exciting variety of swimming, racing, sequencing and sorting games!

    Top Pick For Special Needs

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • BACK TO THE NEST! (2-5 players)
      1. Take the turtles out of their shells and toss them into the pool. Divide the empty eggshells among the other players (two players get five shells each; three players get three shells; four to five players get two shells). Each player places the eggshells in a different place beside the pool. Choose another spot to be the "nest" - the spot where the eggs go once they are filled.
      2. On the count of three, the players race to collect turtles from the bottom of the pool, put them in eggshells (one turtle per egg), and place them in the nest. The first player to have all his/her eggshells filled and closed is the winner!
    • More play ideas available!

    Adult supervision required.

    Dimensions: 12.5" x 6" x 3.5" Packaged

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