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    Wooden Shape Sorting Clock Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

    Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

    Item # : 159

    Price: $14.99


    Time to play! A colorful wooden clock features 12 shaped wooden blocks that fit into matching slots, plus movable hands! With lots of "timely" information on the hands and clock face - including markings for quarter past, half past, and more (remove packaging label to reveal) - this is the perfect toy to help children master an abstract concept.

    Top Pick For Special Needs

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Remove all pieces from the clock. Ask the child to line the pieces up in numerical order.
    • Ask the child to name each piece and place it in the clock.
    • Explain the concepts of morning, afternoon, and evening, as well as A.M. and P.M. Adjust the hands of the clock to different hours of the day. Ask the child to identify an activity he/she might be doing at these times. Repeat the activity using half-hour increments.
    • Place four or more pieces in front of the child. Let him/her study the pieces before asking your child to close his/her eyes while you remove one piece. Ask the child to identify which piece was removed.

    Parents Magazine: Best Brainy Buys October 2004

    Dimensions: 9" Diameter x 2.75"H

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