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    Bella Ballerina Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces Bella Ballerina Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces

    Bella Ballerina Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces

    Item # : 4413

    Price: $12.99


    Follow the ribbon through this rosy-colored ballet puzzle to piece together five sweet ballerinas, each in her own special dance costume. The original watercolor artwork looks delicate, but this tough puzzle is anything but - the 48 pieces are made of extra-thick cardboard, and an Easy-Clean surface keeps them looking like new!

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Beginners: First find and place all the pieces with the pink ribbon. Then add the other pieces until the puzzle is complete.
    • Advanced puzzlers: Make the puzzle more difficult by first removing four pieces and hiding them in the box. Only take them out to use when all the other pieces are in place.
    • Puzzle masters only!: Try to complete the puzzle upside-down, without looking at the artwork.
    • When the puzzle is complete, trace the pink ribbon with your finger, counting the times you see it twist or turn.
    • How many ballerinas are in the picture? How many ballet slippers is each one wearing? How many ballet slippers are there in all?
    • Count all the pink flowers at the top of the picture. How many are buds? How many are in bloom? How many are there in all?
    • Tell a story about the Bella Ballerinas. What sort of music do you think they are listening to? How does each one feel about going on stage? Use your imagination and have fun!

    Dimensions: 50"L x 18"W

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