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Lively LEAF Activities

2013-11-11 by Melissa & Doug

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We’ve “raked up” a PILE of leaf-themed crafts and activities for you to try during these final, fleeting days of fall.

Make those autumn chores less of a bore by involving your kids in some clever ways. While you (or, ahem,  DAD!) are cleaning out the gutters or raking the yard, have the kiddos sort through the different leaves and choose their favorites for use in the activities below . . .

Fall-Leaf BINGO (with FREE Printable!)

lively leaf activities leaf bingo

This printable fall-leaf Bingo card can be used for several engaging activities — indoors and out. OUTSIDE, use for an active, hands-on, scavenger-hunt-style Bingo game: Match colors, leaf shapes, or try to fill the whole card by spotting (or collecting!) swirling and fallen leaves from different spots along a nature walk. INSIDE, have children cut the leaf squares apart to practice pattern making or to play a game of Memory. Get all the details — and the FREE printable — in Fall Leaf BINGO.

5 Fun Fall Activities to Embrace (Before Winter Comes!)


For all you “foodies” out there, Thanksgiving is a holiday that you can really “sink your teeth into.” Here’s some great food-related activities you can do with your little ones. Try some “cookie painting” on leaf-shaped cut-out cookies or making pumpkin-pie–scented place mats for your Thanksgiving feast. Get the recipe for success for these food-themed activities, plus tips for making festive fall wreaths, colorful leaf prints, and much more in 5 Fun Fall Activities to Embrace (Before Winter Comes!).

Fall Leaf-Matching Activity for Kids (Printable)

lively leaf activities matching printable

Need a quick, print-and-use activity? Then download our fall-themed activity page. Promote fine-motor skill development by having little ones cut out the leaves in a rounded shape. Or leave the page whole and have kids color the leaves different patterns, guess what kind of tree each leaf came from, or play a matching game by coloring the two matching leaves on the page yellow. Click here to view and download our FREE fall activity page.

Stained-Glass Scratch Art Leaves

lively leaf activities scratch art leaves

It’s leaf-scratching time! Kids love tracing leaves on our special scratch art paper. With a simple scratch on our specially coated black sheets, the wooden tracing tool makes rainbows of color appear LIKE MAGIC. The stained-glass look is intensified when backlit or taped to a sunny window. Get more hints on how to make your leaf-creations come to life in Stained-Glass Scratch Art Leaves.

Autumn-Leaf Watercolor-Resist Paintings

lively leaf activities watercolor resist

Too wet and cold to rake? Bring a handful of leaves indoors for some warm and dry fall fun. Start with a Rainstorm Brainstorm: Ask your little one for their ideas of why some leaves fall off trees and others don’t. Why some turn red and others turn yellow. Then give them the freedom make watercolor leaf rubbings (turned paintings) in any colors they choose. (HINT: These leaf paintings can easily be turned into a handmade holiday gift or thank-you card.) Get step-by-step instructions for this colorful craft in Autumn-Leaf Watercolor-Resist Paintings.

We invite you to follow our “Fall Fun” Pinterest board for even more great ideas. Or share some of your own with us on the Melissa & Doug Facebook page or in the Comments section below.

For now, it’s time for us to make like a tree, and LEAVE.

See ya next time!


Melissa & Doug

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