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Two Free Pirate Party Printables!

2013-04-18 by Melissa & Doug

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Our Pirate Party Hostess (and Blog Ambassador) Tiffany of Peanut Blossom shared her adorable tips, recipes, games and more, to help make the most of your junior swashbucklers’ pirate party!

To polish off your pirate party, we created these two FREE pirate-themed printables. Click on each picture below to download and print your own copies of our pirate treasure map and cool gift cards for kids to decorate!

1. Pirate Treasure Map

Setting up a treasure hunt in your backyard (or inside if the weather doesn’t cooperate) is a fantastic organized activity for any party. Scatter around some “booty” – or send off the little treasure hunters with this free printable pirate treasure map to find their favor bag of pirate party stash in a secret location! It’s a great way to burn some extra energy, too!


pirate party printable treasure map for kids

2. Pirate Gift Tags

For your favors, or even “Thank You” notes, ask your child to color, cut, and use these free printable pirate gift tags. They’ll add even more of a festive flavor to your buccaneer bash!

pirate party printable gift tags for kids

Arrrrgh . . . Let the pirate party adventure begin! 

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