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Yee-Haw! Hosting a Farm/Tractor-Themed Party!

2013-02-27 by Julie Kieras

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Our guest blogger, Julie (Happy Strong Home) is a master at hosting themed birthday parties for her kids. In a recent post, she shares how to host a Farm/Tractor Themed Party – from sweet treats, games, décor and more! Plus, Julie’s ideas are so simple, that they can easily be adapted for any themed party you want to host.

party collage

Here are some tips:

1. Try to pick a theme that could work well for boys AND girls (if you are having a co-ed party).  Julie states, “most kids love animals – and I’ve seen cute pink tractor ideas!”

2. Create custom invitations: Click here for instructions on how to create Julie’s adorable invitations, using wooden farm stamps.


3. Set the stage with the right décor! From colorful garland, a wooden farm block set, and matching tractor shirts, Julie’s house (and kids!) truly set the stage for the party.

farm party decorations

4. Get guests involved…with games! Arts and crafts, games, and other projects can be a great way to entertain kids during a birthday party (without destroying your playroom!) Julie’s guests played with baby farm animal stamps (which they took home with them), a farm floor puzzle, and Paint with Water Farm Animals pages! Plus, with the smaller size of many of the games, you can also offer them up as party favors for your little guests.

kids crafting

Our personal favorite was the creative take on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” – which you can see here.

5. Last but not least…prepare a FEAST! It’s easy to keep with the theme of your party with a few easy treats.  Using themed food label printables, Julie created a truly “down on the farm” feel with her simple Mac n’ Cheese, baked beans and other classic dishes.


The “icing on the cake” was, truly, the CAKE! Cupcakes were used to create a tractor shape, making it an easy treat for guests to pick and enjoy as they pleased.

For a full overview of the menu, decorations, games and more featured in Julie’s post, click here!

What are your favorite themed party ideas? Share your tips in the comments below, or your photos and stories with us on Facebook!


Julie Kieras

Julie Kieras mothers two inquisitive boys with the support of her husband in the lovely four seasons of New England. She is often found at home interpreting toddler-speak, elbow deep in Play Dough, or behind the pages of a book. She blogs about her family life at HappyStrongHome.com.

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