Happy Giddy Cart with FREE Happy Giddy Binoculars

Happy Giddy Cart with FREE Happy Giddy Binoculars

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This sturdy, generously sized, and brightly colored plastic cart has a handle and wheels for "loads" of indoor or outdoor fun! Whether your child wants to fill it with blocks, take favorite stuffed animals for a ride, or shuttle games and toys, this cart will come in handy for hundreds of activities. The faces of your child and Happy Giddy will smile wherever they go. Easy assembly will make you smile, too!

BONUS: Free binoculars!

About Happy Giddy Binoculars: Imagine the thrill when first looking through these kid-friendly binoculars with charming Sunny Patch characters! Children can bring distant objects up close with these 4x25, adjustable field glasses and focus on the adventure in every backyard.

Dimensions: Binoculars 4.5"H x 2.75"L x 2"W Assembled

Dimensions: Cart 23.75"H x 15"L x 13.25"W Assembled

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