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    Maritime Mates Memory Game Pool Toy Maritime Mates Memory Game Pool Toy

    Maritime Mates Memory Game Pool Toy

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    Drop these seashells into the pool for an action-packed memory game! The set includes 10 hinged shells that open to reveal charming illustrations of the Maritime Mates. You'll need to explore the "sea floor" of your swimming pool to find the matching pairs! Instructions are included for a variety of exciting games, adaptable to all swimming levels. Lots of fun in and out of the pool, this well-made set encourages gross motor activity and cognitive development through play.

    "Maritime Mates" water toys and pool games feature cheerful characters to encourage beginning swimmers and lots of exciting games to keep big kids splashing, swimming and having a blast. Summer is even more fun with Sunny Patch pool toys!

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Adjust the difficulty of the games by playing in shallower or deeper water,
      as appropriate to the swimming skills of the players.
      1. Close all the shells and toss them into the pool.
      2. Player 1 picks up a pair of shells and opens them. If the characters inside match, the player scores one point, the matching pair is removed from the pool, and Player 1 goes again.
      3. If the shells do not match, the shells are returned to the pool, and Player 2 takes a turn.
      4. Continue playing until all the pairs have been found. Whoever finds the most pairs wins!
    • HIDDEN PATTERNS (1-2 players)
      1. Decide on a sequence of three memory-shell pictures, without repeating any one picture. When everyone has learned the sequence, close all the shells and throw them into the pool.
      2. On the count of three, try to find the right shells to repeat the sequence, gathering three shells at a time and laying them out on the edge of the pool. If any are incorrect, the player must throw the
      incorrect shells back into the pool before looking for more shells.
      3. Keep collecting shells, checking three at a time until you have the first shell correct, two at a time until you have the second shell correct, and one at a time until you have the last shell correct. In a
      one-player game, the player can win by completing the sequence within five tries. In a two-player game, whoever completes the sequence first wins!
    • GO FISH! (2 players)
      1. Close all the shells and drop them into the water.
      2. Both players retrieve three shells from the water and open them, keeping the pictures hidden from the other player. If a player has a match, he/she gets a point for the match and places the matching
      pair on the side of the pool, so the shells can't be played again.
      3. The youngest player goes first, asking the other player to match a shell in his/her hand--for example, "Do you have any sharks?" If a match is made, the player gets a point and places the pair on the side of the pool, then goes again. If a match is not made, the player "goes fish" by picking up another shell from the bottom of the pool.
      4. Keep playing until one player runs out of shells. The one with the most pairs wins!
    • FISH OUT OF WATER! (pool-free playtime)
      OPEN-AND-SHUT CASE (2 players)
      1. Choose a play space that has boundaries but is large enough to move around easily, such as a patio or rug. Open half the shells, and decide who will be the "open" player and who will be the "closed" player. Spread all the shells around the play area, and set a timer or play a recorded song to start the game.
      2. When the timer or the music starts, both players race around the play space--the "open" player opening up all the closed shells he/she can, and the "closed" player closing up all the open shells he/she finds. After a shell is opened or closed, it must be placed back in roughly the same place as before.
      3. When the timer goes off (or the music ends), the game is over, and no more shells can be touched. Whichever player has more shells opened or closed wins!
    • More games available!

    Adult supervision required.

    Dimensions: 17.37" x 8" x 0.87" Packaged

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