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    Mix! Match! Stack! Chunky Puzzle - Occupations Mix! Match! Stack! Chunky Puzzle - Occupations Mix! Match! Stack! Chunky Puzzle - Occupations Mix! Match! Stack! Chunky Puzzle - Occupations

    Mix! Match! Stack! Chunky Puzzle - Occupations

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    Price: $9.99

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    At 18mm thick, these are our chunkiest chunkies ever! Each 15-piece puzzle is a play set, too. Place a top, middle, and bottom for each space in the wooden playboard to create over 100 possible characters, from a firefighter with a surgeon's cap to a police officer cooking soup. Or remove the pieces from the board to stack them upright, and add even more creative possibilities! The sturdy wooden pieces are easy for kids to grasp and stack, nurturing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imagination, too.

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Ask the child to count all the pieces. Tailor this activity to your child's ability by creating small groups to count (three pieces in a single outfit or five middle pieces).
    • Point to each of the people as you help the child name and describe each occupation.
    • Ask the child to look at each character closely. Then turn all the middle pieces over so they are face-down (but still in position) and the tools are hidden. Ask the child to tell you from memory which tool each person should have. Turn the pieces over to check the answers!
    • Switch several of the pieces so the outfits are mismatched. Then ask the child to put the people back together the correct way.
    • Ask the child to assemble a standing-up character by stacking three outfit pieces, one on top of another, on a flat surface. Then add extra middle sections to make a super-tall character!
    • Ask the child to group the pieces by size. Ask questions to help the child make observations about the pieces: "Do the smallest pieces go on the top or the bottom of the people? Is the tallest piece also the widest?" Encourage the child to arrange the pieces in rows or towers, and on their bottoms or sides, for different perspectives.
    • Get creative! Place a photograph of the child on the puzzle board, so the child's face shows when the middle and bottom pieces of an outfit are placed. Ask the child to pretend to be the character shown, and to tell you a story about his or her adventures on the job.

    Dimensions: 16"L x 10"W

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