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    Pattern-Match Lacing Set - Button-Up Bear Pattern-Match Lacing Set - Button-Up Bear Pattern-Match Lacing Set - Button-Up Bear

    Pattern-Match Lacing Set - Button-Up Bear

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    This adorable bear needs help getting dressed, and your preschooler is just the one for the task! Children can lace the bear's shirt and attach any of nine colorful shaped buttons down the front. Match the shapes on beginner-friendly blue side of the bear, match the five double-sided pattern cards for a greater challenge, or use the laces and buttons to create one-of-a-kind designs - any way you play, this clever manipulative is great for building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and confidence.

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Ask the child to create a unique button pattern on the white shirt without using a pattern card.
    • Ask the child to sort the buttons into triangles, squares, and circles.Use the laces to replicate each shape and enclose each group.
    • Ask the child to sort the buttons into red, yellow, and blue. Ask the child to string each set together using the lace of the same color.
    • String all three shapes of one color onto the lace of the matching color. Ask the child to replicate the sequence in another color.
    • Ask the child to attach all nine buttons to the blue shirt, layering buttons the same shape so the correct buttons are on top.
    • String each lace through a different lacing hole so all six ends hang loose on the same side of the bear. Challenge the child to tie together the ends of the same color. Add to the challenge by mixing up the color pairs first.
    • String all three laces once through the bottom of the bear shirt and demonstrate a simple braid for the child to try.
    • Encourage the child to add stripes or zigzags to the bear's shirt using the laces. Encourage the child to add buttons, bows, or braids to make the design unique!

    Dimensions: 9" x 9.5" x 1.5" Packaged

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