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    Picture Dominoes Press & Spin Game Picture Dominoes Press & Spin Game

    Picture Dominoes Press & Spin Game

    Item # : 4514

    Price: $5.99

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    Press & Spin games fit in little boxes - but they're big fun on game night! Picture Dominoes features a colorful spinner and a deck of two-sided domino cards to bring extra excitement to this classic game. Game instructions include multiple ways fo children to use this family-friendly game set, so it can be enjoyed by preschoolers and older kids too!

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Picture Dominoes: Distribute all the cards among the players, and place the double-6 card on the play surface as the start of the game line. Players take turns spinning the spinner and playing the number of cards indicated. Players add to the game line by lining up the cards end to end, with matching pictures or numbers touching. The first to run out of cards wins!
    • Numbers and Pictures: Use both sides of the domino cards, alternating pictures and numbers: If a picture is at the end of the line, players must match it to a number; if a number is at the end, players must use a picture next. (A blank space on the picture side is equal to zero.)
    • Draw Dominoes: Deal four cards to each player and mix the rest in the game box or a paper bag as a draw pile. The youngest player goes first, and plays any card in his/her hand as the starter card. Players take turns adding to the line, drawing a card from the draw pile when they cannot play. (Players may play the drawn card if it is playable.) The first player to run out of cards wins!

    Dimensions: 7.25" x 4.5" x 2" Packaged

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