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    Princess Dress-Up Chunky Puzzle - 11 pieces Princess Dress-Up Chunky Puzzle - 11 pieces Princess Dress-Up Chunky Puzzle - 11 pieces

    Princess Dress-Up Chunky Puzzle - 11 pieces

    Item # : 9021

    Price: $9.99

    Only $1.99


    The 11 chunky wooden pieces in this dress-up puzzle are packed with patterns--challenging young puzzlers to use their powers of observation to mix, match, and rearrange the interchangeable pieces. Fine motor skills and problem-solving skills get a workout too--but kids will be so focused on the fun of dressing this pretty princess, they won't even notice how much they're learning! Three types of pieces (tops, upper skirts, and lower skirts) fit individually into recessed wells as one part of the puzzle "solution," and combine to outfit the illustrated character as well. Included extension activities outline even more ways to play and learn!

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Help the child sort the pieces into different types: tops, middles, and bottoms. Help the child count the pieces in each group. Then count all the pieces together.
    • Help the child identify the colors on the pieces. Compare two of the pieces and ask the child: "Does this piece have any colors that the other piece does not?"
    • Name a color, pattern, or feature (such as hearts or dots) and ask the child to gather all of the pieces that fit the rule. How many outfits can be made with the collected pieces?
    • Encourage the child to mix and match the pieces to find a favorite combination.
    • Trace a top and skirt on a piece of paper and let the child color in her own design. Encourage the child to draw a matching tiara and shoes as well.

    Dimensions: 10.5" x 12" x 0.75"

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