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    Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle - 7 Pieces Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle - 7 Pieces

    Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle - 7 Pieces

    Item # : 3728

    Price: $9.99


    A whale, a shark and an octopus are just three of the seven easy-to-grasp sea creatures in this extra-thick wooden puzzle. The chunky pieces, each with a full-color, matching picture underneath, can come out of the depths for pretend play. Encourages hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative expression skills.

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Ask the child to line up the pieces, and count them aloud together.
    • Encourage the child to identify and discuss all the colors on the pieces. Do any pieces have more than one color? Do any pieces have colors in common?
    • Help the child to line up the animals from smallest (starfish) to biggest (whale). Then ask the child to stack the pieces in a tower, with the biggest piece at the bottom.
    • Ask the child to look closely at each animal's face and tell you how the animal is feeling. Help the child to think about why each animal might be feeling the way it does. For instance, "Why is the shark angry? I think he missed his lunch!"
    • With all the pieces on the puzzle board, ask the child questions to make up a simple story about their lives. For instance, "Do these animals like to play together? What game will they play today?" or "What do you think would happen if these animals had a race?"

    Dimensions: 1" x 9" x 12"

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