Sports Floor Puzzle Pack

Sports Floor Puzzle Pack

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This exciting sports-themed floor puzzle pack is the perfect gift for any action-loving child! The set contains three 48-piece floor puzzles in extra-thick cardboard. Each puzzle is 24" x 36" when assembled, and features an Easy-Clean finish to keep them looking great for longer.

Close Call! Baseball Floor Puzzle

Safe! (And durable, too.) This action-packed floor puzzle depicts the thrilling moment when a runner slides into home.

Slam Dunk! Basketball Floor Puzzle

Complete this exciting 48-piece floor puzzle to catch the most exciting moment of the game: a slam dunk! This basketball-themed jigsaw scores big points for visual impact. It's the perfect quiet-time activity for kids who love action!

Slide Tackle! Soccer Floor Puzzle

The international arena is full of fans, and the soccer field is full of action in this oversized jigsaw! Sports-loving kids will get a kick out of assembling this giant floor puzzle - from the vibrantly colored flags overhead to the thrilling moment taking place on the turf.

Dimensions: 36" x 24" x 0.5" Assembled

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