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    Tootle Turtle Lawn Mower Toy Tootle Turtle Lawn Mower Toy Tootle Turtle Lawn Mower Toy

    Tootle Turtle Lawn Mower Toy

    Item # : 6267

    Price: $29.99

    Our apologies. Due to popular demand this product is currently out of stock on our website.

    But there's good news: We're making more and this product will be back in stock soon .

    You can also call us at 800-284-3948 and we will help find a retailer who has it.


    Cheerful Tootle Turtle loves doing his yardwork! This cleverly designed plastic lawnmower has lots of ways to interest little ones: a storage compartment under the shell, a plastic fuel can to "pour," clicking dials and a pull-cord that makes a motor sound!

    Lock handle in place before giving to child.

    Dimensions: 21.5" x 20" x 10.25" Assembled

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