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    Gross Motor Skills

    Toys for Gross Motor Skills: Activities and games that build the body's large muscle groups, developing strength, control, balance, and coordination in the arms, legs, and torso through exercise and large-scale movements.

    Gross motor skills use the large muscle groups of the body, such as the arms, legs, and torso. Strength and control in these areas help children move through their world with balance and coordination, and helps them adapt to physical changes in their environment--such as walking on uneven surfaces or climbing on playground equipment safely. That means fewer bumps and bruises . . . and more time to play with great skill-building toys like these! Our "best-of" gross motor skills list includes sporty outdoor games, active indoor games, heavy work with water resistance, and great activities for building strength, control, balance, and hand-eye coordination (another great benefit of gross-motor play).

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    Tootle Turtle Racquet & Ball Set
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