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    Oral Motor Skills

    Toys for Oral Motor Skills: Bubbles, musical instruments, and art projects that benefit the muscles of the face and mouth, developing awareness, strength, and control and enabling eating, swallowing, and facial expression.

    Oral Motor skills are the physical skills necessary for eating, swallowing, facial expression, and, when paired with breath control, speech! Therapies that are designed to improve oral motor skills develop awareness, strength, and control of the muscles of the face and mouth. Happily, all of these aims can also be achieved through playtime at home. In fact, practicing these essential skills in a fun-filled, rewarding way may be the best way to motivate children to keep on trying . . . and it's certainly the most fun! The play activities featured here require closed or pursed lips (such as blowing bubbles or playing certain musical instruments)--an effective way to build skills in a way that is both playful and productive. And kids will love the rewards: music, bubbles, and pride in their new abilities!

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    Harmonica Recorder Kazoo
    Bollie Ladybug Bubble Bucket Bella Butterfly Bubble Blower Froggy Mini Bubble Cup
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