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    Picky Eaters

    Toys for Picky Eaters: Products and play-food sets that promote comfort in the kitchen or dining room, helping children feel more confidence and control as they explore concepts of meal-building and nutrition.

    For parents, mealtimes are an important chance to provide kids with proper nutrition. But for kids, picking and choosing the foods they eat can feel like an opportunity to exercise independence! Kids who refuse some foods--or anything new--may feel more open-minded about trying new things when they are involved in the process. The products in this section help give kids a chance to feel as if they are the ones choosing, preparing, and creating their own nutritious meals. Just using these toys as talking points can have huge benefits: Discussing and playing with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods can help prepare kids for a lifetime of healthy eating. Remember to celebrate small steps, such as taking one bite of a new food. (It may take a few separate tries before they like it!)

    Skill-Building Tips
    Help kids get a taste for new experiences with these appetizing tips:
    1. Allow children to take a "no-thank-you bite" when being introduced to a new food. This enables the children to sample the food with the assurance that they will only be asked to take one bite. Requiring one bite, when introducing a new food, can help to expand a child's diet, since it often takes several times trying a new food to acquire a taste for it.
    2. Have children draw a rainbow and then try to eat a fruit or vegetable for every color. The visual reminder of the rainbow helps to reinforce the idea of variety and allows for an art activity at the same time!
    3. Show picky eaters the menu for a new restaurant before your visit. Come up with an idea of what they can order ahead of time, reducing stress and anxiety on everyone's part. This helps to allow for a more pleasant dining experience for all!

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    Fun Themes Placemat Learning Mats Set
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