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    Sensory Awareness

    Toys for Sensory Awareness: Activities to explore textures, sounds, colors, and experiences in a low-pressure setting, using a variety of toys and manipulatives, soothing comfort objects, and beneficial heavy work.

    Sensory processing is the ability to take in and respond to the sensory information in the environment. This input can come in many forms, including auditory, visual, tactile, and movement. At times, sensory information can become overwhelming or confusing for kids, causing difficulty in social situations or everyday activities. How can playtime help? Practice! In a low-pressure setting with a focus on fun, children may be more willing to experience various textures, materials, and sounds. This is also an ideal time for heavy work--the loading, carrying, lifting tasks that help us feel located in a definite place in space. As kids get used to sensory input in play, they'll be better equipped to cope with stimuli in everyday life too.

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