Undersea Alphabet Soup Game Pool Toy

Undersea Alphabet Soup Game Pool Toy

4+ years Item # : 6668


Price: $8.99

How many ways can you spell "fun"? This exciting pool game includes 26 sealife-themed letter pieces and 16 challenge cards to use in seven different games. Kids can answer the challenge cards to spell, identify and decode ocean-themed words, or just enjoy gathering and sorting the whimsically decorated letter pieces. There's a game for every skill level!

"Maritime Mates" water toys and pool games feature cheerful characters to encourage beginning swimmers and lots of exciting games to keep big kids splashing, swimming and having a blast. Summer is even more fun with Sunny Patch pool toys!

Dimensions: 16.12" x 13.12" x 0.87" Packaged

Adult supervision required.

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