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    Maritime Mates Undersea Treasure Hunt Pool Toy Maritime Mates Undersea Treasure Hunt Pool Toy

    Maritime Mates Undersea Treasure Hunt Pool Toy

    Item # : 6672

    Price: $16.99


    Splash into the deep for an exciting underwater treasure hunt! Four coins and two giant gems are the "booty" in this swashbuckling pool adventure. Be the first to slot them into the floating treasure chest to win . . . or use the included game ideas to inspire hours of variety and fun.

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • UNDERSEA TREASURE HUNT (2 players)
      Toss these coins and gems into the briny deep of the
      swimming pool, then see how many you can gather in the treasure chest before the other pirates do!
    • Toss the "booty" (coins and jewels) into the pool. On the count of three, start your treasure hunt! Each player must collect two coins and insert them into the treasure chest first. After "paying the octopus," a player may hunt for one of the red and green jewels. The first to come out of the water holding a jewel is the winner!
    • Bring one of the jewels to the surface using only the coins to lift it. You may use one or two coins, and you may use coins of any color, but no hands allowed, matey! The first to bring a jewel to dry land earns the title of "captain." (For a single-player game: Bring a jewel to land, deposit the coins into the treasure chest, and return to the water for the other coins and jewel.)
    • More play ideas available!

    Adult supervision required.

    Dimensions: 9.5" x 9" x 5.75" Packaged

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