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    What Comes Next? Self-Correcting Sequence Puzzles What Comes Next? Self-Correcting Sequence Puzzles

    What Comes Next? Self-Correcting Sequence Puzzles

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    Find the right piece to complete the sequence and link the puzzle pairs! Stored in a sturdy wooden tray, this educational puzzle set lets children practice color recognition, sequencing, and problem solving as they complete color patterns in eight exciting themes. Each theme (bears, circus elephants, flowers, apples, clowns, lions, and dinosaurs) includes five two-piece puzzles to solve, offering just the right amount of variety to challenge preschool puzzlers. Parents and caregivers can help modify the level of difficulty even more by mixing in pieces from other themes, or by limiting the choices for beginners. It's a great way to learn together, and the self-correcting pieces mean kids can play on their own, as well--a great confidence builder as they learn to sort, sequence, and solve!

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Ask the child to identify all the colors in a sequence.
    • Help the child identify the color unit in each sequence. (A 'unit' is the grouping of items that a pattern repeats. All of the items in a pattern are represented in a single unit, in the same order every time.)
    • While observing a completed selection of sequence cards, ask the child to identify the incomplete patterns (where the final unit is unfinished). Ask the child to tell you what colors are needed to complete the unfinished units and complete the patterns.
    • Identify details in each picture that change from item to item and unit to unit. (For instance, the position of flowers, number of bees, or clouds in the background.)
    • Ask the child to choose a sequence card, then to use paper and crayons or markers to complete the sequence. Encourage the child to continue the pattern to fill an entire page.
    • Use blocks, beads, stickers, or other objects to help the child create a repeating color pattern. For an added challenge, begin the pattern with one type of object, then ask the child to continue the same color sequence with another type of object.

    Dimensions: 9" x 13" x 1.5" Packaged

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