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2 Free Printables: Celebrate National Hat Day!

2021-01-15 by Melissa & Doug
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Celebrate National Hat Day with these 2 fun and free print-and-play activity sheets that are all about different kinds of hats! Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring, cutting out, and gluing hats, matching them to their correct name, and more!

2 Free Hat Day Printables for Kids of All Ages

  1. Which Hat Should I Wear? Activity

    Directions: Color the hats and people. Then cut out the hats, choose one for each person, and glue them onto their heads!

    Printable - Hat Coloring and Cutting

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  2. What Type of Hat is That? Activity

    Directions: Color all of the hats. Then draw a line from the hat to its correct name below. Can you guess them all?

    Hat Day Printables - What Type of Hat Is That?

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  3. We hope you enjoy these games and getting into the National Hat Day spirit!


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