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3 Free Holiday Printables to Make Christmas Extra Special

2020-12-17 by Melissa & Doug
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Ready for the holidays? Kids (and adults) of all ages will enjoy getting in the spirit with a create-your-own gift tag activity, and two coloring activities! Color and cut out gift tags to make Christmas or Hanukkah gifts extra special this year, and color in these holiday scenes and even use as placemats for holiday dinners! These can be nice kids activities to practice their creativity.

3 Free Holiday Printables for Kids of All Ages

  1. Holiday Create-A-Gift-Tag Activity

    Directions: Color and cut out the gift tags. Next, choose your artwork. Color it, cut it out, and glue it on to a gift tag!

    Holiday Printables - Create Your Own Gift Tags

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  2. Holiday Party Coloring Activity

    Directions: Color the scene, count the snowflakes, animals, and presents, and tell a story about what is happening!

    Holiday Printables - Holiday Party Placemat Coloring Activity

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  3. Holiday Wreath Decorations Coloring Activity

    Directions: Color the picture, then count the stars, ribbons, and ornaments.

    Holiday Printable: Wreath Decorations Coloring Activity

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  4. We hope you enjoy these holiday activity sheets and getting into the holiday spirit with your kids!


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