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3 Not-So-Tricky Halloween Tips for Trick or Treating!

2017-10-18 by Melissa & Doug

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Halloween is quickly approaching! Got your costumes? Your treats? Your travel route scoped out for Halloween night?

Parents are constantly looking for ways to make this enchanting time of year unique for a child. Arts and crafts projects, cooking, and Halloween-themed activities are fantastic ways to bond with your child while sneaking in a little learning along the way—and Halloween night is no exception!  Here are 3 easy tips for making Halloween night even more enjoyable (and educational) for your little goblins.

1. Beat the Sweets

Many parents have concerns around the amount of sweets a child is exposed to during Halloween. In addition it’s great to have an option for kids with allergies – non food treats! You can tell if a house is giving out goodies like this by a Teal pumpkin on their doorstep!

What are some ideas for Halloween treats to give out?

2. Sharing Is Caring

3 Not-So-Tricky Halloween Night Tips *3 easy tips for making Halloween night even more enjoyable (and educational) for your little goblins on the Melissa & Doug Blog.

Does your little sweetheart turn a bit, well, competitive on Halloween night? This could be the perfect opportunity to talk about sharing and taking turns. Some suggestions could be:

  • Have your child let another child receive a treat first, or let another child knock/ring on the door first.
  • Encourage your child to share treats with a sibling, friend, or another family member.
  • Discuss lessons learned from any Halloween night “sharing” activities that could be applied in other areas of everyday life (i.e. letting others go ahead of you in line, sharing toys).

3. Sneak in Some “Spooky” Math

There are countless Halloween-themed activities that can help build your child’s math skills. However, what can you do while “on-the-go” with your child on Halloween night? Here are some ideas:

  • Spark conversations about “even” and “odd” numbers while visiting different houses (and see if they can start to identify which house numbers are which!).
  • Notify your child when there are “X” number of houses left on your block, and start a countdown together.
  • Count how many steps it takes to get from one house to the next.
  • Count up the total “treats” received and put into groupings (by 2s, or 5s, or even 10s–depending on your child’s skill level).
  • Keep a running count of the jack-o-lanterns you see on Halloween night.

*Tip: a Math Skills Learning Mat could be a great way to connect what important learning skills with the Halloween treats gathered!


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