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3 Pet Printables for Kids to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day!

2021-02-17 by Melissa & Doug
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Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day with these 3 fun and free print-and-play activity sheets that are all about coloring, cutting, and imagining scenes with all different kinds of pets! Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring dogs, cats, parrots, and more, playing bingo, and pretending they are directing a pet finger puppet play!

3 Free Love Your Pet Day Printables for Kids of All Ages

  1. Pet Bingo! Activity

    Directions: Color the pictures, then look for them around your home or outside. Can you find 4 in a row? Can you find them all?

    Printable - Pet Bingo Activity

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  2. Pet Finger Puppets Activity

    Directions: Color, cut out, tape tabs, place on fingers, and put on a show!

    Printable - Pet Finger Puppets Activity

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  3. Pet Play Coloring & Pretend Activity

    Directions: Color everything, then cut out the animals. Move them around the scene, telling a story about what is happening!

    Printable - Pet Play Coloring Activity

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  4. We hope you enjoy these fun activities and getting into the Love Your Pet Day spirit!

    Celebrate Love Your Pet Day with our pet friends and play sets!


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