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3 Puzzle Printables to Celebrate Puzzle Day!

2021-01-25 by Melissa & Doug
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Celebrate National Puzzle Day, which is on January 29, with these 3 fun and free print-and-play activity sheets that are all about coloring, cutting, and puzzling! Kids of all ages will enjoy drawing a scene, cutting out puzzle pieces, and putting them back together!

3 Free Puzzle Day Printables for Kids of All Ages

  1. Create-Your-Own Puzzle Activity

    Directions: Draw a picture below, cut out the pieces, and challenge yourself or a friend to put the puzzle back together!

    Printable - Create-Your-Own Puzzle

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  2. Puzzle Mix-Up Activity

    Directions: Cut out the squares on page 2 and glue them to the correct space in the grid in order to complete the picture! Color the scene when complete.

    Puzzle Printables - Puzzle Mix-Up 1

    Puzzle Printables - Puzzle Mix-Up 2

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  3. We hope you enjoy these fun activities and getting into the National Puzzle Day spirit!


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