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Val’s Quick Craft: Scratch Art Valentines

2013-02-03 by Melissa & Doug

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Our Blog Ambassador Valerie shared an adorable craft over on Inner Child Fun, to help celebrate Valentine’s Day! We love it because, of all the arts and crafts available for Valentine’s Day, this one truly is quick and easy… Scratch Art Valentines!

Val's Quick Craft Scratch Art Valentines

Here’s a quick overview of her Scratch Art Valentines:

  1. Gather up the materials you need. Valerie recommends Scratch Art sheets (she used ones from the Scratch & Sparkle Kit), cookie cutters (heart-shaped, of course!), tape, pencils, scissors, and doilies (if you have them).
  2. Trace your adorable shapes and start the Scratch Art fun! Scribble and decorate designs or special messages into your diy hearts, however you’d like!
  3. Attach your doily and punch a hole for some ribbon to string through. Then, hang the adorable Valentine ornaments around your home, or share them as gifts!

To see all the details and photos from Val’s Scratch Art Valentine craft, click here.

Do your kids make Valentine’s Day crafts – either to keep as decorations or give as gifts? Share your favorite crafts with us on Instagram, using the hashtags #TakeBackChildhood, #CountlessWaysToPlay and #MelissaAndDoug!

A little extra Valentine’s Day themed fun… If you want your hearts to reveal a bright neon color, you might enjoy our Scratch Art Heart Shaped Mini-Notes.


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