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5 Holiday Gifts That Wow

2021-11-15 by Melissa & Doug
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Whether they are budding chefs, aspiring nurses, future veterinarians, or simply playing to play, kids will revel in all of the scenarios they can enjoy with one of these five Gifts That Wow! Preschoolers will show up for playtime ready to have fun—and learn—from each of these innovative toys! Find more great gift ideas in our full Melissa & Doug 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store with two children playing

5 BIG Gifts To Delight Little Kids

Shopping Cart

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart ToyAge: 3+
Why it’s an ideal gift: The sturdy metal construction and pivoting front wheels make the play-grocery-store experience even more like the real thing! Roll the mini grocery wagon down pretend aisles for hours of fun!
Fun feature: The folding seat is perfect for small, pretend-play companions!
Skills: Creative thinking, gross motor, social-emotional development
How to wow even more: Stock up on the basics with the 9-piece Pantry Food Set—Wooden Play Food, which includes tuna, ketchup, spaghetti, soup, sugar, crackers, salad dressing, mustard, and cereal.

Fresh Mart Grocery Store

Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store
Age: 3+
Why it’s an ideal gift: Kids love grocery shopping, and once they start a trip through this pretend-play grocery store, they will never want to leave! Ideal for a few kids to play with at once, this free-standing play space has a browsing area as well as a checkout setup, complete with a hand-cranked conveyor belt in the bagging area! Use it as the centerpiece for a whole grocery-themed play experience!
Fun feature: The checkout area includes a “beeping” scanner and pretend card swipe machine!
Skills: Sorting, fine and gross motor skills, color recognition, math skills, collaborative play
How to wow even more: Add to the amazing options in the Fresh Mart Grocery Store with the 70-piece Fresh Mart Grocery Store Companion Collection

Get Well Doctor Activity Center

Melissa & Doug Get Well Activity CenterAge: 3+
Why it’s an ideal gift: Easing fears while encouraging empathetic play, this sturdy, multi-sided wooden play doctor’s center gives kids the chance to take on whatever role they’d like to play: doctor, nurse, receptionist, patient or parent/caregiver! Display X-rays, a blood pressure monitor (with adjustable cuff), sanitizer pump, waiting area, and more make this a like-real checkup experience!
Fun feature: Kids can make their own artwork for the waiting room, and change the picture as often as they’d like!
Skills: Empathy and confidence building, social-emotional development
How to wow even more: Suit up for the next “appointment” in the Doctor Role Play Costume Set or the Pediatric Nurse Role Play Set!

Chef’s Kitchen—Charcoal

Melissa & Doug Chef's Kitchen - Charcoal
Age: 3+
Why it’s an ideal gift: Kids will love this modern kitchen’s turning stovetop dials, revolving microwave plate, and handle and faucet on the sink—all ideal for a multi-kid playdate. Use the kitchen as a centerpiece for building out a complete pretend cooking and food prep experience! Fun feature: The working ice dispenser releases two play ice cubes!
Skills: Fine motor skills, organization, creative play, collaborative play
How to wow even more: Make the most of kitchen time with the 20-piece Let’s Play House! Baking Play Set, which includes an oven mitt, measuring spoons and cups, a muffin tin, and more!

Giraffe Giant Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal
Age: 3+
Why it’s an ideal gift: Realistic details and lifelike features make this over-4-foot-tall plush giraffe an amazing addition to any nursery, bedroom, playroom, or classroom!
Fun feature: The giraffe’s long neck is perfect for kid hugs!
Skills: Gross motor skills, creative thinking, empathy and confidence building, social-emotional development
How to wow: Enjoy hours of role-playing fun with all six Safari Buddies Hand Puppets: a giraffe, a parrot, an elephant, a tiger, a zebra, and a monkey!

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