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5 Ways to Dress Up Your Kids’ Halloween Costumes with the Right Accessories

2021-10-05 by Melissa & Doug
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Halloween isn’t just about the thrills and chills. There’s so much fun this season brings, especially when it comes to dressing up. Pretend play is so important when it comes to kids’ development and what better way to highlight it than on the day that encourages dressing up and taking on new identities? Now’s the time to help kids get into character, adding a little extra something to their costumes. It’s all about those delightful details!

Children feel reaffirmed and confident in their play when others around them take part and even if dressing up isn’t for you, being present and supportive goes a long way, so we put together this list of five accessories to give you ideas that will make this Halloween the best one yet. Bonus: These durable, high-quality accessories aren’t just a “one-and-done” deal. They make a great permanent addition to your child’s dress-up bin.

5 Must-Have Halloween Accessories for Kids’ Costumes

Kids love to dress up and here are five accessories to help them look absolutely great on Halloween — and during dress-up all year round!

  1. For little doctors
    Every doctor needs a Get Well First Aid Kit that is perfect for treating all those boo-boos. This 25-piece set keeps your little doctor covered with extra bandages for mummies, wipes for boogeymen with boogies and so much more!
  2. For little princesses 
    Every princess needs a tiara and our comb-backed Crown Jewels Tiaras offer plenty of options to choose from to bring the bling when it’s time for trick or treating!
  3. For little construction workers
    Every construction worker needs the Deluxe Wooden Tool Belt set to build the perfect costume. Five wooden tools snuggly fit in the belt and are ready for all types of tricks.
  4. For little stylists 
    Every stylist needs a salon to help them feel absolutely boo-utiful during this season. This 18-piece Beauty Salon Play Set helps your little stylist create and inspire all types of looks that would bring in extra goodies.
  5. For little vets
    Who knows more about tricks and treats better than pets? That would be a vet. Every animal lover needs the 24-piece, Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set to keep the monsters away so the pets can play.

We hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween! For more spooktacular fun, check out our other blog posts:

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