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Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best “Gifts that Wow” for Kids

2020-12-22 by Melissa & Doug
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The holidays are days away and while we unfortunately can’t promise you delivery by Christmas morning at this date due to the massive volumes our carriers are experiencing, we are pretty sure kids would be delighted to receive any of these gifts even after the big day! Here are our picks for the best big gifts for kids that will wow their socks off! These playroom toys and unique gifts for kids are great for multiple kids to play at the same time and are built to last! Here, we have compiled 5 of our favorite gifts that wow for the 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, and 5-year-olds in your life. Plus, you can find even more Gifts That Wow and Seasonal Toys for all ages in our Melissa & Doug Holiday Shop!

Gifts That Wow Image

5 Best Big Gifts for Kids

  1. Get Well Doctor Activity Center
    Get Well Doctor Activity Center Image

    Age: 3+
    Why it’s a great gift for kids: The doctor will see you now! This wooden play space has everything kids need for imaginary visits to the doctor’s office! Kids can be the patient or the doctor, the receptionist, or the nurse. Not only is this kind of role play excellent for easing kids’ fears about doctor visits, it also encourages empathy.
    Sweet detail: Kids can sign in and check out with a credit card reader and card and fill out a reusable patient file! BONUS: There’s an easy-to-follow assembly how-to video!
    Skills: Social-emotional development

    HOW TO WOW: Make sure your little doctor has all the equipment they need to fix bumps and bruises with this 25-piece Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set.

  2. Fire Truck Play Tent
    Fire Truck Play Tent Image

    Age: 3+
    Why it’s a great gift for kids: It’s pretend play to the rescue with this sturdy fabric playhouse that stands nearly four feet long and more than three feet tall. The play tent is packed with playful details, such as a back door flap that rolls up, a roof flap that opens, gas cap that flips up, and durable floor material. The play tent is easy to assemble and easy to pack away in the handy take-along storage tote.
    Sweet detail: Mesh fabric in windows on every side let in light and keep the play tent cool.
    Skills: Social-emotional development, vocabulary

    HOW TO WOW: Pair it with the Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set (and personalize it!) to inspire even more firefighting adventures!

    See also the Cozy Cottage Play Tent!

  3. Chef’s Kitchen – Cupcake
    Chef's Kitchen - Cupcake Image

    Age: 3+
    Why it’s a great gift for kids: Easy to assemble, this play kitchen includes a refrigerator/freezer and ice maker, an oven and stovetop with dials that turn, a microwave with turning plate, a sink with moving faucet and handle, a grocery checklist, movable hooks, and ample storage. Budding chefs and home cooks are sure to enjoy years of make-believe meal-making! Check out the video >
    Sweet detail: Features an innovative working ice dispenser and two “ice cubes.”
    Skills: Creative thinking, problem solving

    HOW TO WOW: Fill the cupboards with Let’s Play House – Grocery Cans, then slip a special gift message into the frame on the refrigerator door.

  4. Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel
    Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel Image

    Age: 3+
    Why it’s a great gift for kids: With a chalkboard on one side, a dry-erase board on the other, a paper roll holder, plastic storage trays, and four easy-grip clips, this easel has everything. Kids can hone their artistic skills and develop fine motor skills at the same time. Check out the video >
    Sweet detail: Features child-safe paper cutter
    Skills: Fine motor, creativity, confidence

    HOW TO WOW: Make a statement with the easel set up amidst other presents. Place a bow on it (or draw one on the chalkboard) and include a sweet holiday greeting! Don’t forget the Easel Companion Accessory Set with paints, paper, and more!

  5. Animal Care Activity Center
    Animal Care Activity Center Image

    Age: 3+
    Why it’s a great gift for kids: With a veterinarian side and a groomer side, plush pets can be examined, treated, and pampered for endless hours of imaginative fun! The sturdy wooden play center features an “x-ray” lens with two removable x-rays, pet scale, blood pressure monitor, sink, treat chute, pump bottle dispenser, and lots of storage. Check out the video >
    Sweet detail: There are hooks and holders for lots of accessories.
    Skills: Social-emotional development, empathy

    HOW TO WOW: To complete the animal care experience, pair the activity center with the Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set and a Veterinarian Role Play Costume Set!

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Happy holidays!


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