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How to Make A Simple Sun Catcher Terrarium

2017-04-08 by Julie Kieras

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This simple sun catcher terrarium craft is shared by our Blog Ambassador Julie of Happy Strong Home!

The days are growing longer. The sun is growing stronger every spring day. Our boys point out the crocus popping up, or the bud bursting from a tree branch. Naturally, we turn our attention to the newly growing world.

Capture a bit of that bright sunshine and cheerful greenery indoors with your kids by creating this easy sun catcher terrarium craft to welcome spring!

Welcome Spring with a Sun Catcher Terrarium Craft

The boys and I made this sun catcher terrarium craft in a morning, and have been enjoying our rainbow creations all week long!

What you’ll need:

  • A large glass jar (wide mouth quart canning jars work great. Try to get the kind with as little raised writing on the glass as possible).
  • ScratchArt Light Catcher
  • Clear tape
  • Wheat grass or chia seeds (any kind of sprouting seed will do but these start the fastest)
  • Small amount of dirt (optional)
  • Small amount of water (to start)
  • Misting bottle or small watering can

Welcome Spring with a Sun Catcher Terrarium Craft

First, create your sun catcher design by having children doodle patterns and lines into the Scratch Art light catcher of their choice. The Scratch Art effects are a unique project all on their own, but then watch what we’ll do with them next!

Welcome Spring with a Sun Catcher Terrarium Craft

In a glass jar, create a mini garden for your sun catcher to shine on! If you plan to use dirt, layer the dirt down first. Dirt can be a holding material to keep your seeds and sprouts from moving, or to help creating patterns if you’re using multiple seed types. Seeds will sprout without dirt, so it’s optional.

Next, sprinkle a thin layer of sprouting seeds to nearly cover the bottom. Create only one layer of seeds.

Welcome Spring with a Sun Catcher Terrarium Craft

Gently sprinkle or mist water onto the seeds until they are soaked, but not floating in water. (Optional: for faster sprouting, immerse seeds in a cup of water overnight, then drain and follow the steps as above).

Place a strip of tape along each side of your light catcher design. Tape the design to the smoothest part of the outside of the jar. Be sure the finished pattern faces into the jar.

Welcome Spring with a Sun Catcher Terrarium Craft

Set your jar in a sunny window or area of your home with the light catcher’s back to the light source. Enjoy the rainbow glow effect while you wait for your terrarium to sprout.

Welcome Spring with a Sun Catcher Terrarium Craft

Several times a day, mist water over your seeds. Keep them moist throughout the day. The sunnier the spot, the more you will have to water the seeds. Indirect sunlight will work as well. Within three to five days, the seeds will begin to sprout!

Chia seeds create a soft, curly greenery effect and only grow a couple inches high. Wheat grass seeds will shoot up nearly six inches for a dramatic effect! Try mixing the seeds for various effects.

Welcome Spring with a Sun Catcher Terrarium Craft

Continue to lightly water your sprouts and enjoy them for several weeks. If you went dirtless, these sprouts can actually be eaten on your salad or in a smoothie!

Engage kids’ natural curiosities by having them create a collection of sun catcher terrariums with various seed types to enjoy a range of green shoots in your home. With a different design behind each terrarium, your home will burst with a rainbow of colors to welcome spring!

Be sure to check out my related post, 5 Tips to Teach Kids How to Care for Plants!

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Welcome Spring with a Sun Catcher Terrarium Craft


Julie Kieras

Julie Kieras mothers two inquisitive boys with the support of her husband in the lovely four seasons of New England. She is often found at home interpreting toddler-speak, elbow deep in Play Dough, or behind the pages of a book. She blogs about her family life at HappyStrongHome.com.

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