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How to Throw a Dinosaur Birthday Party: Part 1 – Decorate & Celebrate!

2016-04-09 by Joyce
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Let our guest blogger Joyce from Childhood Beckons show you how to throw your own dinosaur birthday party with these great ideas!

My family loves birthday parties. I love planning them and my son loves experiencing them. But this year I wanted to keep it simple. So today I’m sharing our stress-free and super amazing dinosaur birthday party.

The Decorations

At the base of this party was brown craft paper. I bought a huge roll at a school supply store and I used it to cover all of the tables, make signs, and even create a super simple volcano.


We chose party tableware in orange and green instead of something themed to keep things simple and frugal. Then we dressed up the tables with some Easter basket grass, rocks, and my son’s dinosaur toys.

The signs were handmade. The letters were freehand and the dinosaurs were made simple with textured dinosaur stencils from Melissa & Doug.


The big statement decoration was the volcano. It was great for picture opportunities and the kids had fun playing around it’s base. This was easy to create and only took about 15 minutes to set up!

The Activities

I am a huge fan of child-led activity centers at birthday parties. I set up a few activity stations and let the children migrate from one activity to another as they pleased. This way, everyone is sure to find something that interests them and I can spend my time enjoying the party instead of stressing over how to direct the party. Plus, with open-ended activities the kids are using their imaginations to get creative and that is always a good thing!

We had three main stations to choose from at this dino party.


Dino Dough– I include play dough play in all of our parties because it’s always a hit! This table consisted of homemade play dough and small dinosaur toys and rocks.

Dino Dig- We let the kids feel like they were on an excavation with this activity. We set out a tub of sand with hidden dinosaur treasures to find. They used wooden spoons to dig and large paint brushes from Melissa & Doug to brush off their finds.


Dino Art– This station was very popular and always busy! It was covered in brown craft paper and I used the stencils to draw directly on the table for an invitation the kids (and adults!) just couldn’t resist. I also included triangular crayons, non-roll markers, and the dinosaur stamp set from Melissa & Doug. Everyone loved the crayons and markers and I noticed that even the youngest of kids were often holding these with a proper grasp!


The stamps were also well received as art materials and building blocks! I love watching kids use materials and toys in their own way.

My son and all of his friends had a blast playing and creating. And I had fun watching instead of directing. This simple party was a success!

The favors were also Dinosaur-themed!

Click here and learn how to make your own DIY Dinosaur Birthday Party Favor Bags here, in Part 2 of my How to Throw a Dinosaur Birthday Party series!



Joyce is the mom behind Childhood Beckons, where she encourages parents to focus on their families and the childhood that beckons them. She enjoys discovering creative ways to play and learn and passing along her family's favorites. Find Joyce on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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