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Kids Speak: What They WISH They Could Do for Mom!

2012-05-08 by Amy Mascott
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This article about Mother’s Day is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador Amy Mascott.

What do children wish they could do for their moms?
Here’s an interesting look at how kids think their moms want to be honored! 

We asked the kiddos of some of our favorite bloggers: “If you could do anything at all to make Mother’s Day special for YOUR mom, what would you do?” Their funny and heartwarming ideas may not be what Mom actually wants, but they sure are an interesting look at how little ones view that very special lady in their lives!

Kids Speak What They WISH They Could Do for Mom

  • ‎“I set the table with flowers.”  –JDaniel (4), son of Deirdre Smith (JDaniel4sMom.com)
  • “I would make something out of chocolate chips and sugar.”  –Gibson (3), son of Katie Meyering (abcand123learning.com)
  • ‎“I would clean the whole house, buy you flowers, serve you breakfast lunch and dinner in bed and make you a CD with all your favorite movies.”  –Owen (8), son of Megan Spires (houseofthe4risingsons.blogspot.com)
  • “I would want to make a card WITH you, together. Then I would buy you an ice pack for when you don’t feel good.”  –Tanner (4), son of Megan Spires (houseofthe4risingsons.blogspot.com)

Kids Speak What They WISH They Could Do for Mom

  • ‎“I’d make a really big fun fair full of bunny rabbits and cake and give her free tickets to go on everything.”  –B (9), daughter of Cathy James (nurturestore.co.uk)
  • “Make Y Y [his little brother] feel better when he is sad.”  –Jack (3), son of Marnie (carrotsareorange.com)
  • “I’d get Mummy purple flowers so she can smell them! And presents and then I can help her open them!” –Noah (3), son of Kerry Farrow (multiplemummy.com)
  • “I would tell her to take me to grandma’s house to play and go take the day off.”  –Kai (1), grandson of Deborah (www.teachpreschool.org)
  • “I’d make her a valentine and buy her a volcano kit.”  –Andrew (4), son of Kristina (www.toddlerapproved.com)
  • “I’d make her a card.”  –Emma (6), daughter of MaryAnne (mamasmiles.com)
  • “Draw her upside down on a piece of paper.”  –Johnny (4) son of MaryAnne (mamasmiles.com)
  • “Draw Baby A [due in August].”  –Lily (2), daughter of MaryAnne (mamasmiles.com)
  • “I would make breakfast for you, do nice things for you all day and be nice and use nice words with my sister.”  –J (4), daughter of Bern (momto2poshlildivas.com)
  • “I would love her. That’s what I’d do.”  –Bear (3), son of Andie Jaye (crayonfreckles.com)

Thanks to everyone for sharing their children’s responses, and have a super Mother’s Day! You deserve it!!


Amy Mascott

Hang with Amy over at teachmama.com for more cool, super-sneaky ways to throw in some learning in the name of fun, or tweet with her (@teachmama), pin with her or chat with her on Facebook! Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

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