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Spooktacular Kitchen Science: 4 Fun Experiments for Halloween

2014-09-25 by Sara Zenner

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This Spooktacular Kitchen Science post was brought to us by Sara Zenner from Bitz & Giggles.

spooktacular kitchen science electric eels experiment

The first day of fall has already come and gone. You’re thinking about dusting off your slow cooker, managing your children’s new schedules (as well as your own), switching out your summer wardrobe with sweaters, jeans and boots, and preparing for what could be a long, harsh winter (if you live in the Midwest like I do). Your children, on the other hand (if they’re anything like mine), already have Halloween on the brain.

Since having children, our house seems to count down to every major holiday – at least a month or more in advance of the actual celebration date. I’ll admit it, I love my kids’ excitement. . .and honestly, their excitement makes me excited, too. To keep the excitement going, however, is the challenge – but it doesn’t have to be.

There are so many fun Halloween activities you can do together, from calendar countdowns and design-your-own-costume contests to visiting a local pumpkin patch and finding your way through a corn maze. I’m challenging you to think outside-the-box and do some creative things with your family this fall. . . starting with some spooktacular kitchen science!

If you have other little ones who want to get in on the fun but may be a bit too young to help with the prep work, get out an easel and have them draw one of the ingredients or what they think is going to happen in the experiment. My 2-year-old was having fun creating her own ghost while my son and I prepped for one of the experiments.

sppoktacular kitchen science drawing hypothesis

The kids and I had so much fun with these experiments, I’m certain your kids will love them, too! All of the projects are simple and use common items most of us keep stocked in our kitchen and pantry. Click on the links for the full instructions and to see the experiments IN ACTION!

Fun Experiments for Halloween:

  1. Spooky Expanding Ghost
    Looking to teach a lesson on how carbon dioxide is formed? Your child will be filled with amazement when they see a ghastly balloon begin to inflate right before their very own eyes! I loved watching my son as he did this experiment with me. The smile on his face was priceless!
    Secret Tip: Make sure to tightly secure the balloon to the top of the plastic bottle. Just to be safe, an artist smock would probably be a good idea!
  2. Cosmic Colors
    This is one of my favorite experiments ever and it also uses a magicingredient. Besides the magic ingredient, all you’ll need is food coloring and milk. Sounds simple, right? It is! And it’s one of the most beautiful and colorful activities I’ve ever seen. It makes learning about surface tension and the altering of molecules pure child’s play!
    Secret Tip: Whole milk works best for this experiment.
  3. Magic Potion Punch
    Who doesn’t like drinkable science? This magical punch recipe combines lemonade, fruit juice, lemon-lime soda and a secret ingredient that will make the concoction fizz and bubble just like a real potion. The best part about this punch is, you can make it by the glass instead of a huge punch bowl full!
    Secret Tip: You need to add twice the amount of lemon-lime soda as the juice and lemonade or your potion may not fizz!  
  4. Electric Eels
    Have you ever seen a gummy worm come to life? No? Well, today is your lucky day! This experiment involves cutting and marinating worms (or eels, as we like to call them) and then adding a secret ingredient to make them come to life. The prep work beforehand is totally worth it. I promise.
    Secret Tip: An adult should assist with cutting the worms for this experiment. A kitchen shears is the best tool. If your shears start getting “gummy,” wash the shears before beginning to cut another worm.  

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Sara Zenner

Sara Zenner of Bitz & Giggles — Sara finds creative ways to balance a full-time work schedule with being a full-time mom. She enjoys experimenting with recipes and sharing dinner tips with fellow parents! Join Sara for fun recipes and teaching moments that can be captured right in the kitchen! Connect with Sara online → Pinterest | Google+ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Blog

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