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Stacy Shares: Take Dress-Up Up A Notch!

2013-10-09 by Stacy Teet

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I have a confession to make … we aren’t huge Halloween people.

We don’t eat lots of sugar (no white sugar at all actually), or take candy from strangers! Just kidding — we do trick or treat, but when we get home we give it all back out to cute kids in costume who knock on our door Halloween night.

We do LOVE to play dress-up though, but I don’t dig wasting money on those cheap costumes that break before we even get out the door … this has happened to me on one too many occasions! I usually go the homemade route or find a way to jazz up something we already have at home.

Like we did this week using items from our dress up box. Allow me to introduce you to Angry Pirate, Captain Cool, and Punk Rock Tiger Princess.

Stacy Shares: Take Dress-Up Up A Notch! *Get creative Halloween costume ideas and ways to use face paint for trick or treating on the Melissa & Doug Blog.

To turn our everyday play costumes into real deal Halloween costume material, all we really needed was some face paint and a little imagination. Good thing these kids have plenty of that!

We started with a blank canvas, a clean face, and got to work!

Stacy Shares: Take Dress-Up Up A Notch! *Get creative Halloween costume ideas and ways to use face paint for trick or treating on the Melissa & Doug Blog.

A swipe of white around the eyebrows, dashes of pink for accents and up and down both arms for that real tiger effect. Then a teeny tiny brush to make stroke marks haphazardly anywhere we felt needed a punch!

I loved the drama the black lips added, but not the black teeth that came with it! Next time, I’ll find some black eyeliner or lipstick to use instead.

My favorite part about this activity was how much fun we had! We did this super quick after homework on a weekday, and enjoyed playing for several hours afterwards. When it was time to come inside we were able to wipe ALL of the face paint off quickly and easily using just baby wipes.

Now that is my kind of costume!!

Want to try face painting yourself? Here’s a few quick tips to get you started:

1. Do Your Research

A few quick searches on Pinterest for “tiger face paint” and “zebra face paint” gave me all the ideas I needed to complete the first look.

2. Use What You Have

Soft bristle paint brushes worked perfectly for this activity, cotton balls and cotton swabs could have been equally as effective here though.

3. Let The Kids Decide

The real beauty in this, is the kids will love it no matter how it turns out! Let them have some creative license on what they’ll look like. Somedays I even let them paint themselves, or even me! Why not, they love it and it gives me a chance to laugh and be silly with them.

To make the costumes you see here, we used the Pirate, Super Hero, and Rock Star dress-up costumes from Melissa & Doug.


Stacy Teet

This post was brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador Stacy Teet. Stacy is the mom behind KidsStuffWorld. Her writing is chock-full of tips for enjoying parenthood, saving money, entertaining your kids and making your family’s life a bit simpler. Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram | Blog

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