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Sweet & Springy! Adorable Garden-Inspired Easter Ideas for Kids

2013-03-04 by tiffany
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Looking for some creative Easter ideas for kids, without overloading on the sweets? Our guest blogger Tiffany (from Peanut Blossom) shares her adorable garden inspired Easter ideas below!

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I know I’m not the only mom to worry about the amount of sugar my little ones eat. It seems every time we turn around there’s another opportunity for candy & treats. I love to make holidays festive and special but if we’re going to have some sugar I’d prefer it be in one fantastic dessert and be done rather than have an endless stream of sweets laying around our home.

With Easter just around the corner, here are my 3 favorite ways for making the holiday special while keeping the focus away from just the candy:

1. Spirit of sharing: Easter just doesn’t feel like Easter to me without the chocolate bunny & jelly beans, but instead of filling each of my daughter’s baskets full to the brim with candy, the Easter Bunny brings us one family treat basket meant to be shared among us all. Everyone’s favorites are represented and we enjoy our treats together.

2. Give it a theme: Since the candy comes in one shared basket, the Easter Bunny brings each of my girls an individual basket filled with small trinkets based on a theme. It is easy to keep the giving in check since 4-5 small things tied together by a theme makes a bigger impact than a larger amount of random items.

In the past we’ve seen art supply baskets, butterfly & polka dots baskets, but this year might be my favorite. A little bunny assistant gave word that we’ll be doing a garden party theme this spring. With a new house & new backyard, we’re all itching to do some serious planting of flowers in the coming months. My girls will find garden gloves, a hand trowel & cultivator, butterfly bubbles, and a butterfly friends bead set. I’ll be adding in a few packets of seeds for flowers and simple veggies to get our garden started as well.

Sweet & Springy Garden Inspired Easter Ideas for Kids

3. Make a “Wow!” dessert: Since the candy won’t be dragging on forever after the holiday, we go all out for our dessert for the day. This year I’m making garden themed cupcakes to match the baskets. I paired a simple box cupcake mix with an over the top swiss meringue buttercream frosting. If you’re intimidated to try a full cake from scratch, this is the perfect introduction. It takes a fraction of the time to just do the frosting than it would to bake an entire cake, too. The recipe is deceptively simple, come check it out over on Peanut Blossom.

Sweet & Springy Garden Inspired Easter Ideas for Kids

For the tissue paper flower toppers, these are a sweet & springy craft you can do in the days ahead of the holiday and keep ready for your dessert.


Tissue paper from the gift section of your local store, stapler, drinking cup, pencil, scissors, tape, stripey straw


Fold the tissue paper so that there are 15-20 layers stacked together. I was able to just pull mine out of the package and it was already folded enough. Trace the bottom of your drinking glass with the pencil so that you have as many circles as you want for flowers.

Working one at a time, cut through all the layers to cut out the circle. Hold the tissue paper so that you will end up with 15 layers stacked. Staple through the layers right in the middle to hold them together. Cut 5 notches around the edge of the circle to form petals. Do Not cut all the way to the middle or the flower will fall apart!

Fluff the pom starting with the first layer. Pull the petals towards the front middle and gently squeeze. Continue with each layer until you have a round and fluffy flower head.

Take a paper stripey straw and cut it in half for shorter flowers. Simply tape the pom onto the tip of the straw. You can fluff the petals to cover it, or just present the flowers facing front and leave the back flat.

What is your favorite spring holiday tradition? Do your children hunt for baskets or for eggs? (We’re egg hunters around here!)

Share your photos with us on Instagram using the hashtags #TakeBackChildhood, #CountlessWaysToPlay and #MelissaAndDoug!

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Sweet & Springy Garden Inspired Easter Ideas for Kids



Tiffany Dahle is the hostess behind Peanut Blossom where she shares her belief that strong families start with strong and happy mothers. She encourages you to develop everyday possibilities for stretching your creativity while doing what you do to keep that household running! You can find Tiffany on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest.

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