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The Best Dinosaur Toys and Gifts for Kids

2021-04-14 by Melissa & Doug
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Is your child obsessed with all things dinosaur? We’ve got playful prehistoric product picks for your kid who loves dinosaurs. These dinosaur toys, crafts, and pretend play activities are sure to engage their lizard-loving brains!

Kids who love dinosaurs

5 Toys for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

Here are five of our favorite dinosaur toys sure to inspire a roaring good time! Discover even more great dinosaur toys play sets, activities, and puzzles here

1.Dinosaur Stamp Set

Wooden Stamp Set - Dinosaurs

Age: 4+
Why it’s great: Kids will have fun creating countless scenes with the 8 wooden dinosaur stamps, 2-color inkpad, and 5 colored pencils!
Sweet detail: Includes a sturdy wooden box for storage
Skills: Fine motor , creative expression
Countless Ways to Play: Encourage kids to draw a landscape or scene first then use the stamps to add dinos to it.

2.Dinosaur Figurines

Created by Me! Dinosaur Figurines Craft Kit

Age: 8+
Why it’s great: These two ready-to-decorate, solid-resin dinosaur figurines are waiting to be painted by a dino lover!
Sweet detail: Includes 6 pots of paint and paintbrush
Skills: Fine motor, creative expression
Countless Ways to Play: Dino-rama: Decorate a shoebox diorama in which to place the figures.

3.Prehistoric Playground Dinosaur Rug

Prehistoric Playground Dinosaur Rug

Age: 3+
Why it’s great: Durably made to look great for countless playtimes to come, this sturdy woven rug with a skid-proof backing features details like a bubbling volcano, waterfall, river, a cool cave, jungle, and grassland to give many options for creative play.
Sweet detail: Comes with four flocked dinosaur figures (T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus)
Skills: Gross motor, creative thinking
Countless Ways to Play: Follow the leader: Move a dinosaur around the rug from one location to another. Have kids watch you and then follow the same route from memory with another dinosaur. Take turns being the leader and the follower as you change the route around the rug.

4.Wooden Dinosaur Magnets

Wooden Dinosaur Magnets

Age: 2+
Why it’s great: Enrich a child’s imagination with these 20 bright and colorful dinosaur magnets.
Sweet detail: Store magnets away in convenient wooden tray.
Skills: Fine motor, creative thinking
Countless Ways to Play: “I’m thinking of a dinosaur…” Have kids arrange all the dinosaurs on a magnetic surface. Mentally pick one and have kids ask yes or no questions to see if they can guess the one you have in mind.

5.Land of Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle

Land of Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces

Age: 3+
Why it’s great: The dramatic, detailed dinosaurs on this cardboard floor puzzle may be long extinct, but these 48 puzzle pieces will surely last for ages! Four feet long when assembled, this is one puzzle kids will come back to again and again
Sweet detail: Extra-thick puzzle pieces feature an Easy-Clean surface to keep them looking like new.
Skills: Problem solving
Countless Ways to Play: The completed puzzle makes a great backdrop for kids’ dinosaur play figures.

Bonus Picks: For on-the-go dinosaur play, be sure to check out Water Wow (no-mess water painting activity), Color Blast (no-mess coloring pad), Reusable Stickers and other activity pads with dinosaur themes!

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