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The “Secret Service” Activity: A Lesson in Kindness

2013-07-22 by Katie Heap
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This secret service play activity (and lesson in kindness) is provided by guest blogger Katie Heap of Live Craft Eat.


This summer, you and your child can spend an entire day devoted to serving other people…as members of the “Secret Service”! Challenge your child to see how many things he can do for others without being asked and without their knowledge.

To start off this activity, you’ll need these 4 FREE printables:

1.   Secret Service Envelope Label: Attach this to the outside of a manila envelope. Write your “special agent’s” name on the front, where indicated.

2.  “Mission : Possible” Letter: This is your child’s invitation to serve others, and outlines how he is to fulfill his mission.

3.  Confidential Secret Service Mission Ideas:  These are some service ideas that can be cut out and glued onto his letter, so he can keep track of his missions for the day. There are also blank spaces so he can write in some of his own service ideas, if desired.

4.  “The Secret Service Was Here” – Calling Cards: Have your child leave one of these calling cards behind wherever he’s been of service. Alternately, he could use the craft supplies (see below) to make his own calling cards.


The first step in setting up this activity is to leave the envelope (with all the other printables inside) where your child can easily find it – on his bed, on the table where he sits to eat breakfast in the morning, etc. When he opens it, he can follow the directions and choose the activities he would like to do and then using child-safe scissors and glue sticks, paste them onto his letter.


And then the fun begins! My kids spent the better part of the morning preparing cards and pictures to deliver to other people – something to cheer up their friends and neighbors, make them feel happy, and help them enjoy their day. Have all these art supplies readily available to get the creativity going: crayons, markers, colored pencils, glitter glue sticks, construction paper, and of course drawing paper as a base to glue it all. Or, use an art set for kids!

secret service activity lesson in kindness materials collage

Once your child delivers his masterpieces and letters of encouragement, he can go about doing the other secret service activities on his list…like wiping the counter tops, putting away toys, arranging shoes, etc. Some of these may be things that are typically on his “chores” list, but when he is doing them as a “secret service” for someone else, it becomes a thrill!

secret service activities in kindness activites

And don’t be surprised if you see a few of these calling cards laying around the house!

Enjoy your day of “secret service”! Giving your child an opportunity to serve others (in an enjoyable way),  will leave everyone feeling happy – both those who were served and those who did the serving!

secret service activities in kindness activites

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Katie Heap

Katie Heap is the author of Live Craft Eat–a place where she writes about her 3 loves: her family, her crafting endeavors, and learning to cook.  Follow Live Craft Eat on Pinterest and Facebook as well.

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