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Valentine Mail Bags: Super-Cute, Sweet and Simple

2015-02-05 by Amy Mascott
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These creative Valentine Mail Bags for Valentine’s Day are brought to you by our Blog Ambassador, Amy Mascott.

Valentine Mail Bags hero and pin

I have been a Classroom Parent now for almost five years, and each year, I am not sure what to do for Valentine’s Day Mail Bags. Some years, teachers cover this, but other years, it’s up to me.

This year, it was up to me, so I looked to my friends at Melissa & Doug!

One thing that I have learned in being a Classroom Parent so many times is that during the class party, we need quick, we need engaging, and we need glue-free fun!

Valentine Mail Bags Sweets & Treats Pages

Valentine Mail Bags Sweets & Treats Stickers

So for these Valentine Mail Bags, I thought I’d go super-cute, sweet, and simple.

I started with brown paper bags with handles. But you can really use any color bag. Then I looked to Melissa & Doug’s Sweets & Treats Sticker Pad as inspiration.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about sweets, why not?

I simply cut pages from the Sweets & Treats Sticker Pad and glued them onto one side of the bag.

That way, students will be able to do some cupcake, cookie, cake, or donut decorating for the holiday–and no one has to worry about allergies!

Valentines Mail Bags Alphabet Stickers

Valentine Mail Bags Decorating

And then on the other side of the bag, I glued a half of a sheet of construction paper. You can use anything, but the colors in the Jumbo Construction Pad are bright and bold.

SA sticker collection packed with Alphabet letters and Numbers is what we used to personalize the bags. Kids can pull from any of the dozens of fun fonts to add their name to the bag.

Valentine Mail Bags Decorating Maddy's Bag

Valentine Mail Bags Peeking In the Bag

Valentine Mail Bags Two Bags Displayed

We used a sticker collection of princesses, tea party scenes, animals, and more, plus a stickers of dinosaurs, vehicles, space-themed pictures, and other cool things… so that kids can add a bit of creative bling to their bags. They can choose, mix and match anything from fairies to trucks to flowers to sport stickers, and kids love these.

How cute are these? Not only are the bags easy for large classrooms, but they’re really cute and creative.

Valentine Mail Bags Displaying Two More Bags

The cool thing is that Classroom Parents can prep these bags before the party or before the playdate if you’re doing them with a group.

Simply glue the Sweet Treats page on one side and the construction paper page on the other side of the bag before the party. Let it dry. Then bring stickers for the kids to use!

How do you make Valentine Mail Bags? We’d love to see them! Share your photos on Instagram, and be sure to tag us with #CountlessWaysToPlay and #TakeBackChildhood.

→ See how Amy throws an AMAZING Valentine’s Day Party in a CLASSROOM, plus download her free party planner checklist and Heart Target Game Score Sheet, over at TeachMama!


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Want to grab the toys the kids are using in this post?  We’re using the Sweets & Treats Sticker PadSticker Collection–PinkSticker Collection–BlueSticker Collection–Letters & Numbers, and the Jumbo Construction Pad.


Amy Mascott

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