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Capturing Childhood Milestones

2014-02-13 by tiffany

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“It’s never too late to start.”

This is one of my favorite mottos for life-long learning and I believe it to be utterly true. The same can be said of capturing childhood milestones. So your “baby” is years beyond diapers and those adorable monthly photo opps. So what? Aren’t they still the most precious thing in your life?

Taking the time to document your children’s growth and milestones is just as important now as it was when they were teeny. As part of the Capturing Childhood series, I am so excited to bring you some inspiration for starting now, no matter how big your kids are!

Naturally, holidays are a perfect fit for capturing childhood milestones. Families celebrate the same traditions year after year and it is always fun to look back at prior years’ festivities.

Last December a new “family member” appeared next to our tree on Christmas morning. Our Long Neck Louey with his jaunty red scarf absolutely delighted my girls from the moment they saw him.

Louey isn’t just any old stuffed animal though. My girls know he is “special.” Louey was specifically chosen for his fantastic height.

I was hoping to find a new photo tradition that showcased just how small my 6 year old still is. I LOVE that he towers over her 90th percentile in height frame.

Christmas jammies, scarf, and all, this is a photo I will take over and over again in the years to come.

You can find your own giant giraffe friend here. Don’t forget to give him (or her) a fabulous name!

Girls hugging their giant stuffed giraffe

Want even more photo prompt ideas? Check out my post over on Peanut Blossom today.

Childhood Milestones Collage

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Tiffany Dahle is the hostess behind Peanut Blossom where she shares her belief that strong families start with strong and happy mothers. She encourages you to develop everyday possibilities for stretching your creativity while doing what you do to keep that household running! You can find Tiffany on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest.

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