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Easy Solutions for Screen-Free Week

2017-05-01 by Melissa & Doug

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Here at Melissa & Doug, we’re celebrating Screen-Free Week (May 1-7) with savings on some of our favorite imagination-inspiring toys, crafts, and games as well as a $250 Screen-Free Shopping Spree Giveaway for 10 lucky winners!

We see Screen-Free Week as a great time to assess the quantity and quality of our children’s play. How can we encourage kids to gravitate to active, engaged types of play that require their imagination and creative thinking rather than always reaching for the passive entertainment so easily available on their devices? It’s not always an easy fix — we get that. Our Melissa has shared her solutions for coaching kids on imagination, but sometimes it helps to have additional tools at your disposal. Here are some of our favorite screen-free ways to play:

For Screen-Free Car Rides
Get kids looking out and about instead of down at screens with our U.S.A. License Plate Game and Flip-to-Win Hangman and Bingo Travel Games.

Easy Solutions for Screen-Free Week→Click here for some great family travel activity ideas.

Also, our On the Go line is designed with travel in mind and is the perfect way to rev up creativity in the car! Check out Water Wow, Scratch Art, Magicolor, and Surprize Ink, which are just a few of the options available in various favorite themes.

Easy Solutions for Screen-Free Week

For Screen-Free Restaurant Meals
The On the Go line of activity pads mentioned above are not only essential for road trips, but must-haves for mealtimes as well! And our Puffy Sticker Play Sets are sure to keep kids busy and entertained while waiting for the next course.

Easy Solutions for Screen-Free Week→Click here to read about puffy stickers and creative play.

For Screen-Free Sporting Events
Keeping younger siblings occupied on the sidelines of soccer and baseball practices can be a challenge. Bring along some simple toss-and-grip games, jump ropes, or bowling sets!

Easy Solutions for Screen-Free Week→Click here to read more about simple outdoor play ideas.

For Screen-Free Play At Home (magic tricks in your bag of tricks)
Opt for toys that promote pretend play! Our extensive pretend play line offers everything from simple play food to elaborate play spaces (kitchens, food carts, etc.) – all with realistic details and clever touches.

Easy Solutions for Screen-Free Week

For Screen-Free Outdoor Play
Inspire kids to explore with outdoor toys designed just for them!

Easy Solutions for Screen-Free Week

Here’s to helping our kids turn off screens and turn on imaginations! Happy Screen-Free Week!


Melissa & Doug

Our team of play experts occasionally enjoys sharing news about our company, new product launches, and some of the #CountlessWaysToPlay with our toys, crafts, and games. At Melissa & Doug, we’re on a mission to inspire the innovators of tomorrow through kid-powered play!

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