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How to Throw a DIY Dinosaur Birthday Party: Part 2 – DIY Party Favor Bags

2013-04-09 by Joyce

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Let our guest blogger Joyce from Childhood Beckons show you how to make awesome goodie bags for your dinosaur birthday party!

I get excited about the details of a party. The small touches really pull everything together in a festive way, but sometimes the details and work can be overwhelming. I’m always looking for easy ways to do things and today I’m sharing a few ideas for super cute (and simple!) favor bags.

Both of these bags are quick to create thanks to some Textured Dinosaur Stencils from Melissa & Doug. The stencils are high quality and you can use them again and again for so many things. I used them for favor bags, creating decorations, a party activity, and even the thank you cards! They really tie together the theme and make everything cohesive.

howtothrowadinosaurbirthdaypartypart2_2 howtothrowadinosaurbirthdaypartypart2_1

This first idea makes the favor bag itself a treasure to take home. I used the dinosaur stencils and a fabric marker to easily create a canvas bag that is sure to make the kids smile. I bought a single fabric marker in one of our party colors, but you could also use fabric paint or acrylic paint for similar results. It’s as simple as tracing in the stencil!

The next idea is a bit more frugal and a little more work, but I dare to say that it’s even cuter! I used the stencils to trace the dinosaurs onto colored paper. I cut the dinosaurs out and adhered them to the front of a paper bag. To finish off the bag, I folded the top down and glued on some triangle fringe. That’s it!


Favor Bag Content Ideas:

Are you looking for a few ideas on what to include in your homemade favor bags? Here are some of our favorites!

  • Play dough– This is always a favorite!
  • Coloring pages– You could even use the stencils to make your own!
  • Bookmarks– Homemade bookmarks could be a fun project to get your kids involved in. We made some using strips of card stock and the Dinosaur Stamp Set from Melissa & Doug.

I also let my son pick out a special favor to include from Melissa & Doug. He had a hard time choosing between all of the great dinosaur themed art activities, but finally decided on these fantastic Scratch Art Color-Reveal Dinosaur Pictures. And they were a huge hit!

But be sure to check out these amazing Melissa & Doug favor options!



Click here and learn how to decorate and choose the activities for your DIY Dinosaur Birthday Party, in Part 1 of my How to Throw a Dinosaur Birthday Party series!



Joyce is the mom behind Childhood Beckons, where she encourages parents to focus on their families and the childhood that beckons them. She enjoys discovering creative ways to play and learn and passing along her family's favorites. Find Joyce on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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